Do you Want to Be the Next Student Council Presidents?

Attention All Grade 8-11 Students ! 

The Student Council is looking for 2 new Presidents.
One of them should be able to communicate in Mandarin fluently.

will take place on May 9th in advisories.

Here are some students who have already shown interest.
In Grade 11 next year:

Felicity Crook
Michelle (Zhen) Qing
Winston Zha
In Grade 8 next year:
Summer (Chi) Hsia

What about YOU ?
Are you a natural leader?
Can you find 2 hours per week to plan and organise activities?
Do you want to make some changes in our school?

On Tuesday, May 8th – 1.00pm-1.20pm – you can meet the current acting presidents
Paul M. and Michelle (Zhen) Q. in D216 and ask them questions about a president’s role.

Email your name and (next year) grade to Ms Droulez by Tuesday 2.30pm.

Thank you.

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