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Student Council Presidential Election

Today is the day !!

Vote for your favourite team in your Advisory.

Summer and Cameron – Grades 8 and 10 next year

Felicity and Winston – Grade 11 next year

Michelle and Senaash – Grades 11 and 12 next year

The winning team will be revealed on Friday.


Xuanwu lake picnic with (new) friends

We have only 12 spaces (first come, first served) for a Mandarin language and culture experience on Saturday May 19th (9:10am until noon).

Groups including a Mandarin speaker will share some food and get to know each other. Andy will run a WeChat group with fun prompts and challenges, but this is not scavenger hunt.

Think about ordering your own picnic items in Mandarin (without pointing!) to take on a sweet Swan Boat on the lake. That’s what you’re in for.

Sign up available in the staff lounge.

SET seeks your feedback

Good morning,

As part of SET’s Professional Growth Programme, we seek your feedback by means of a short survey or as part of a focus group.  Please choose your preferred medium for providing feedback.

Please click on the links below for the survey option:

Deputy Director – Learning

Head of Primary

Head of Middle School

Head of Upper School

Please meet in the Strategy room during the first half of lunch at the following times for the focus group option:

Kasson: May 8 

Marina: May 9 

Juan: May 10  

Arden: May 14

Thank you!


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