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Staff vs Grade 12 Baseball

The Grade 12 Graduates have challenged the staff to a game of baseball to end the year this Thursday, May 17th, at 4:00. We will be using a “Chicago Style” soft ball (16 inches in diameter and easy to catch bare-handed) so there is no need for a glove.

If you have any interest in playing, please contact Darren or Rick, or show up at the pitch at 4:00. All staff are invited to join, no experience necessary.

Giant slingshot??

I’m not exactly sure what this is (see picture) – but it could be a giant slingshot/catapult…

It is currently in the PAC make-up room. Whoever owns it please remove it or speak with me if it is there for a particular reason for it being


Friday Music Trivia

This Friday in extended advisory, we are planning to run Ms Amy Keus’ famous Music Trivia competition. Note that Grade 9 is not involved as they have a PP session.

The plan:
•Three advisories, one from each house, meet in a designated room.
•Each advisory should create 3 more or less even sized mixed gender teams – so there are 9 teams in each room. (Note: Gr 8-9 advisories will create 2 teams as Gr 9 is out).
•20 questions: PowerPoint and answer sheet to follow.
•Total number of questions answered correctly is recorded and added to give a final score for the advisory.
•All the advisory scores are added together to give a final score for that house.
•Winning house: 60 points, second place: 40 points and third place: 30 points

Thanks for your support!

Art Exhibition in the Cafe in the Centre this week

Do go along and see the wonderful art exhibition by many of our talented students in the Cafe this week.

Mr Minchan Yoon, the Founder of the Naturalism Art Studio here in Nanjing  is their teacher and he has held exhibitions here in the Centre before.

Some of the items are for sale and a proportion of the proceeds will go to Pfrang.

The Art work is on display until Friday 18th May

Do not miss it!

Xuanwu lake picnic with (new) friends

We have only 12 spaces (first come, first served) for a Mandarin language and culture experience on Saturday May 19th (9:10am until noon).

Groups including a Mandarin speaker will share some food and get to know each other. Andy will run a WeChat group with fun prompts and challenges, but this is not scavenger hunt.

Think about ordering your own picnic items in Mandarin (without pointing!) to take on a sweet Swan Boat on the lake. That’s what you’re in for.

Sign up available in the staff lounge.

IB Diploma exams -G2 form (only for G12 teachers)

Every year the feedback we give as teachers to the IB helps the exams get better. There are always mistakes in the exams and it is important to point them out. This also helps our students as questions that were unclear can be corrected. This year the G2 form comes as a survey. As you receive the exams from me, please take some time to complete the survey. See the notice form the IB below. You can also find this information on ‘My IB’ .

“The links for the teacher’s comments on examination papers form is now available. This year, you will find some additional questions regarding the accessibility of the examination papers to students with special educational needs and for all candidates regarding gender, religion and ethnicity. There is also an additional field where teachers can fill in their own email address and when completed this will generate an email summary of the form for their records. This field, along with the teacher’s name field and the Diploma Programme coordinators email address field, are all optional so there is no need to complete them unless the teacher or their IB coordinator requires a record of the form.

Thank you for supporting this important process.”

Survey link:

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