Friday Music Trivia

This Friday in extended advisory, we are planning to run Ms Amy Keus’ famous Music Trivia competition. Note that Grade 9 is not involved as they have a PP session.

The plan:
•Three advisories, one from each house, meet in a designated room.
•Each advisory should create 3 more or less even sized mixed gender teams – so there are 9 teams in each room. (Note: Gr 8-9 advisories will create 2 teams as Gr 9 is out).
•20 questions: PowerPoint and answer sheet to follow.
•Total number of questions answered correctly is recorded and added to give a final score for the advisory.
•All the advisory scores are added together to give a final score for that house.
•Winning house: 60 points, second place: 40 points and third place: 30 points

Thanks for your support!

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