IB Diploma exams -G2 form (only for G12 teachers)

Every year the feedback we give as teachers to the IB helps the exams get better. There are always mistakes in the exams and it is important to point them out. This also helps our students as questions that were unclear can be corrected. This year the G2 form comes as a survey. As you receive the exams from me, please take some time to complete the survey. See the notice form the IB below. You can also find this information on ‘My IB’ .

“The links for the teacher’s comments on examination papers form is now available. This year, you will find some additional questions regarding the accessibility of the examination papers to students with special educational needs and for all candidates regarding gender, religion and ethnicity. There is also an additional field where teachers can fill in their own email address and when completed this will generate an email summary of the form for their records. This field, along with the teacher’s name field and the Diploma Programme coordinators email address field, are all optional so there is no need to complete them unless the teacher or their IB coordinator requires a record of the form.

Thank you for supporting this important process.”

Survey link:

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