G6 Life 101 Today

Dear Grade 6 Students,

Today while the 7s have exams you will be in Life 101.

Please find your name and location and head there during block 3 today.

G6 Group 1 with Mrs. Merrylees in D219 (Across from Mr. Underwood’s room)


Leo                              Emma            Morgan                       Eric

Gui                              Simon              Alvina                          Romana

Amber                         Nele                Victoria                       Deanna

Libby                            Byeongsoo      Naomi                         Marissa

Hanae                          Brian               Hruyuki                        Edwin

Dong Geun                  Dayeon            Minjoo                         Addison


G6 Group 2 with Ms. Bezzerides Upstairs in the Cafeteria


Ethan                           Sophie             Kevin                           Lydia

Sofia                            Jack                 Rachel                         Yerin

Siya                             Jaedeok           Alex                             Keenan

Tinna                           Ellen                Sarah                           Damy

Sam                             Benno              Taeyoung                    Vincent

Saelyn                         Jia                    Hyeok Ju                      Seongmin



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