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MS/US Plan for Tomorrow

Hello MS/US Rockstars,

Please see the attached schedule for tomorrow, our last day of the school year! The first thing to know is that we will have our final MS/US Assembly at 8:10am. This means you should report to your Advisory first thing tomorrow morning, then head down for an 8:10am start. 

We will be back to the usual Assembly seating by Advisory.

See you then!

Hi! Can I come in?

Good morning, everyone.

The Strategy team is looking for some photos of students in classrooms for an activity we have planned during INSET in August, so I might pop into your classroom at some point during the day today for a few seconds. It really doesn’t matter what they’ll be doing at that point. I will email you asking for permission to use any photos prior to INSET. Please send me a quick email if you’d rather I didn’t visit you today.



IT Notice for Departing Students

End of Year Technology Notice 

 As you prepare for your transition to another school, the NIS IT Department would like to remind you about the following important dates for access to various IT services online, as well as to stop by our office for the removal of licensed, NIS software from your laptop.


Whether you have the NIS student image on your computer or not, we need to make sure that there is no NIS licensed software on your computer before you leave. This is part of the check-out procedure, so please make sure to stop by before 1215 on 15 June 2018. During this short process, we will restore your computer to its original “image” meaning that we will wipe all the data from it. So please back up your computer before coming in, or, we can facilitate the backup of your information during this process (though this will add time so best to come in a day before you plan to leave). You just need to provide us with a hard drive.  Keep in mind that if you do not want us to re-image your computer, it is a longer process to ensure all of our NIS-licensed software is removed, so plan accordingly. Your leaving form cannot be signed until this is complete.


Departing students will have access to their NIS email accounts until 31 July 2018 

  • On 1 August 2018 these accounts will be disabled (i.e. if you need to access an old email, you can contact – just make sure to put NIS Family in the subject line) 
  • On 1 October 2018 these accounts will be deleted 
    • Graduated students will have access to their O365 accounts until 14 December 2018 


  • Student access for Leaving/Graduating students will be removed by the 18 June 2018

OFFICE 365  

  • Departing/Graduating Students will have access to only the online versions of our Microsoft Office 365 suite (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) until 1 October 2018 


  • Graduating Student roles will change from Current Student to Graduate/Former Student and account privileges will begin to be removed on 26 May 2018
  • Departing Student roles will change from Current Student to Former Student and account privileges will be removed at the end of the day on 15 June 2018


  • Seesaw classes will be archived on 22 June 2018 in order to update the system with the new classes for the first day back.
    • If you’re leaving and/or would like an archive of your child’s work to this point, please follow these directions to download and save their SeeSaw portfolio.  
  • Any archived class can be unarchived for temporary access should it be needed. 


MS/US Awards Assembly Today B5!

Hello Again MS/US Rockstars,

Please be seated in the PAC by 1:44pm TODAY for our Awards Assembly. This means you will need to report to lunch right on time, eat quickly, and head directly to the PAC. We will start at 1:45pm sharp! 

Many thanks and see you then!

Overdue Library Books

6th Grade: Nele S., Victoria W.

7th Grade: Kiki S., Mingxi (Cici) X., Runqi Z., Sherry Chenyue Z.

10th Grade: Paul Simon S., Ati U.

11th Grade: Sufei (Sophia) L., Jun Sang Y., Lucas Z.

Musical Instruments

School Instruments:

  • please continue to return your school instruments; all instruments must be in by Thursday

Personal Instruments:

  • all personal instruments must be taken home by Thursday afternoon. Any instrument not returned home will be locked in the music storage room cupboards for safe-keeping over the summer.

Thank you.

MS/US Awards Assembly Tomorrow Block Five

Hello MS/US Rockstars,

Please be seated in the PAC by 1:44pm tomorrow (Wednesday) for our Awards Assembly.This means you will need to report to lunch tomorrow right on time, eat quickly, and head directly to the PAC. We will start at 1:45pm sharp! 

If you have earned an award, you will be on stage-so feel free to dress a little nicer tomorrow! Also, if you are a recipient, please remind you parents to attend.

Many thanks and see you then!



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