Archive | June 5, 2018

Decluttering and repurposing

Decluttering got off to an incredible start yesterday thanks to the intrepid Grade 2 team. They came, they collected and they sorted. Well done Grade 2!

So… please come and repurpose the ‘stuff’. There is a lot! A lot is new. There are filing cabinets, folders, notebooks, stationery, yearbooks (even 2004 – 5!) and much much more. See you there with your shopping bags!

Music department access today

There is no student access to the large music room, or the practice rooms today at break. The Grade 11 DP Language A Oral exams are being held.

If you have any questions, please speak to Ms Ham or Ms Keus.

Thanks for your cooperation, and have a lovely day.

Grade 7 Sexual Health Education 3

Dear Grade 7 Students,

Today you will have the last lesson dedicated to Sexual Health Education. Please find your group and location and head there for block 3.

7A – Mr. Bratton Room D208

7B – M. Bezzerides Upstairs in the cafeteria

7C – Mrs. Merrylees – Mrs. Merrylees’ room (D241)

See you then.

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