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6th & 7th Grade library overdue book lists

6th Grade

Jaedeok Choi

Seongmin Jung

Donghee Kim

Nele Schlesinger

Victoria Warm

Alvina Xia


7th Grade

Suyoung Bae

Oscar Brown

Si Yu (Serene) Duan

Yusheng (Leon) Ha

Chi Hsia

Alina Huelsebusch

Maximilian Schubert

Kiki Smulders

Gian Tosatti

Mingxi (Cici) Xia

RunQi Zhang

Sherry Chenyue Zhao

11th Grade Library Overdue List

Juniors, please email me at if you need your books over summer break. Otherwise, return your books to stop my annoying emails!

Jaeyong Lee

Sufei (Sophia) Liu

Maximillian Owczarek

Hibah Siddiqui

Jun Sang Youn

Lucas Zaballa


Notices for this coming summer holiday

Dear all,

  • Access to school during Summer Break 2018:

Due to the constructions, access to school grounds and facilities beyond the ID card gate will be closed.

  • Daily access (05:30h to 21:20h) to the Fitness Room level 3 at the Centre for NIS Community members as normal.
  • Bike parking area:

Due to the annual maintenance of bicycle and motorbike parking. This area will be closed. Any bicycles and motorbikes left in this area after the 19 June 2018 will be disposed of. Please collect your bicycle or motorbike before that date.


Facility Department

We will miss you

Hello leaving teachers,

Please have a walk down the primary hallway to see the artwork that has been made for you.

QR Codes for ID Card

Tired of having to figure out your ID number when you sign in to go out for that Starbucks fix?

Well, next time you stop by reception, make sure to ask Annie or Shanshan for your new and improved QR code sticker! (Note: make sure to stick it on the card itself, inside the plastic shield).

It cuts down the average sign-out time of 24.7 seconds down to a whopping 12.3 seconds! What will you do with all that extra time? My suggestion: go for that Grande instead of the Tall. You’ve earned it!

Pick yours up today!

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