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Tickets for the Grade 10 showcase will be on sale in the Centre Foyer from wednesday 10th October until Thursday 18th October. ( or see/email me: )

( Minimum donation of 10RMB). All donations go to ‘The Nour Centre’ -A school for syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

Please come along and support and help us raise lots of much needed funds for a worthy cause!




The following students will be out of school on Friday 12th October

( they will need to leave block 5 on thursday 11th October at 2:40 )

Molly Wright

Charlotte Hiltermann

Arne Schubert

Paul Schubert

Gautier Freville




Welcome Back, All!

Please find the schedule for our two days of professional learning here.

See everyone in the PAC for coffee, catch ups, and an 8:15am start with Dr. Perez. She was on campus yesterday for the full tour, preparation, and conversation. She’s excited to help add to our differentiation tool kit as we seek to individualize learning for all of our students. A link to the pdf packets Kathy will refer to is located here.

Please bring a charged laptop, the writing implement of your choice, and something to write upon if you would like to take notes beyond the printed materials she will provide.

Thanks and see you then!


Strategy Unconference

The Strategy Team has setup an Unconference format aimed at promoting teacher-led discussions that can eventually lead to prototypes. This will happen on today at 3pm.

If you feel ready, click here and add the details of what you’d like to host a session about. If you click the link out of curiosity and see something you like, you can also sign up to an existing session. You’ll also have time to do this at the start of our session today.

We will meet in the Music Room at 3pm, and go to the session rooms after a short introduction. Please bring your laptops.

Strategy Team

Professional Development News

Good Morning and Welcome Back!

A quick reminder that if you want to be “in-the-know” about upcoming PD opportunities to apply for, you should subscribe to our PD announcements found on the PD Blog. How do you do this?

Step 1) Click on the Professional Development tab in EduBlogs or Daily Bulletin

Step 2) Click on the Subscribe button in the bottom right-hand corner

Step 3) Enter your school email address

And you will get an email every time the PD page is updated. Yay!

The More You Know!

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