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Challenge: Write a novel in 30 days!!!!

Are you up for a challenge? How about trying to write a book in 30 days? You set your own goal…1,000 words? 10,000 words? Join us at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), sign up, and use this classroom code to join the NIS Writing Lions: IYDATFDQ. Teachers, students, parents…who will accept the challenge?!?

ACAMIS Speech & Debate (January 2019)

Join ACAMIS Speech and Debate in Dulwich Beijing on January 26 and 27th. A student-initiated event!!!!

All those interested in joining the debate contest should come to a meeting at 12:30pm on Tuesday, 6th November in Room D214. 

We need to make a final list of definite participants as soon as possible so that we can formally join the contest. If you miss this meeting you will not be able to attend the contest!

Cost to be determined.

The Debate for Change Tournament (DCT) is a student-initiated event designed to bridge service and debating together. Through a knock-on debate competition, we hope to raise awareness for three local charities: HOPE (Horses Offering People Enrichment), the Yunnan Project and MCF (Migrant Children’s Foundation). As DCT is not-for-profit and has the support of the ACAMIS Service Learning Grant, all funds will go towards running costs and local charities. At the end of the competition, the winning teams will be able to choose which charity the money raised from the competition will go towards. In this way, students will grow as critical thinkers, collaborate as debaters, and gain awareness of our local community while interacting with fundraising in a more personal and engaging way.

PTA Survey – Grade 9 and 10 Students

Please take the time to fill in this very brief survey for the PTA. They would like to know what sort of activities Grade 9 and 10 students would like as an alternative to a dance night.

Create your own user feedback survey

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