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Survey Monkey Data

Thank you to all of those who have already answered the survey. I am aiming for 100% response rate.

Ambitious? Yes. Possible? Totally.

Here are the percentages of the replies received so far:

Please check your emails for the links.




Can all students invloved in the production come to a meeting at break time TODAY(Wednesday)  in the black box. ( This includes actors, musicians, dancers, tech crew, students helping with set design, EVERYONE!)


MAP Reports Going Home Today

Hello Grade 3-10 Students,

Your MAP scores will be given to you by your classroom (G3-5) or Advisory (G6-10) teacher today. They MUST go home with you today. Your parents have been emailed and are expecting an unopened envelope for you to open together. Inside is an explanation of your progress on the test. 

Please remember that while your performance on these assessment is very important to your teachers, in terms of measuring your progress in Math and Reading, they are only one data point. These “snapshots” of your learning are key, but the entire “photo album” of all your achievements over time is a more reliable data set!

Thanks for getting these scores home safely; we’ll give the MAP another go in the Spring! 

MAP Info Going Home Today

Hello All,

A reminder that Fall MAP reports and an explanation letter are going home to Grade 3-10 parents today. The letter (attached here) has information for parents about how to interpret student scores. MAP reports for all Grade 3-10 students is located here as well.

Please see any member of SET with questions. A parent Q&A session is happening next week as well. The central message for parents is that these scores are a snapshot diagnostic, not a rich “photo album” of student progress. 

Many Thanks to Advisors and Grade 3-5 classroom teachers for getting these home with students today!


ACAMIS Speech & Debate in Beijing (January 2019)

Join ACAMIS Speech and Debate in Dulwich Beijing on January 26 and 27th. A student-initiated event!!!!

All those interested in joining the debate contest should come to a meeting at 12:30pm on Tuesday, 6th November (today!!!) in Room D214. 

We need to make a final list of definite participants as soon as possible so that we can formally join the contest. If you miss this meeting you will not be able to attend the contest!

Cost to be determined.

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