Basketball Score Keepers – Dec 8

On Dec 8th we are hosting an invitation basketball tournament. We need adults and students (gr 7-12) to work with the referees and coaches (collaboration). You will have to listen respectfully to the referees, coaches and players and be able to quickly assist them with time-outs and substitutions. Your job will include maintaining the scoresheet and making sure the score is correct (ethics of choice and actions). You will need to be focused on your job because sometimes coaches and players will complain about the score or the number of fouls. This could be a new skill for some of you (challenge and new skill). The basketball score sheet is not complicated but you need to learn how to tally the points and record the fouls. Your smart goal could be to learn the basic basketball rules or to understand at least 5 of the referees’ hand signals.

So sign up to be a basketball scorekeeper now on Veracross!



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