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Final Weekly Bulletin of 2018 this Friday

This Friday 7th December will be the last Weekly Bulletin of 2018. There is no edition on the final Friday.

The next one will be on 11th January  2019 with the deadline for entries at noon on Wednesday 9th.


Sue in Admissions

Learning2 Conference

If you are interested in being a Learning2 Leader for either an Extended Session or Pre conference Workshop, please take a look at the Applications for Presenters information on the L2Asia website. If you have any questions, I am happy to share my experience as an L2 Leader.

What is L2?

Learning2 is a conference for educators by educators. Learning2 is run by a global team of international educators, who work closely with the hosting schools to develop a professional learning experience that highlights the latest innovative learning practices in the region.

The Extended Session:

● This is a 2.5 hour dive into an innovative practice or concept. Typically the session runs for 3 hours with a short break built in.

● The session is generally broad-based in that it may be of interest to a wide range of participants.

● The Extended Session is offered on the Friday in the morning and then again on the Saturday for a different set of participants.

● Each session size is generally up to 25 participants although at times some topics are very popular and we may discuss the potential for opening up to 40 participants with additional facilitation support.


PreConference Facilitators

● The purpose of the PreConference is to offer extended session in a specific or niche topic.

●It is a 4 – 5 hour dive into an innovative practice or concept and is usually an in-depth interactive hands-on experience where participants learn and practice new skills such as coaching or technology-based pedagogical practices.

● Each session size is generally up to 25 participants although, at times, some topics are very popular and we may discuss the potential for opening up to 40 participants with additional facilitation support.

WebPath Express – a better way to search than Google

Use WebPath Express to search educator-approved websites, then focus the results by grade-level and lexile! You do NOT need to be logged in to the library website to use, and it’s accessible by everyone…students, parents, teachers, etc. I’ve attached directions for you to try it out, and have so far shown grades 3-5 how to use it. Let me know if you would like me to come into any classrooms to work on this!

WebPath Express-2g1jael

Network Maintenance Reminder

This is just a reminder that there may be some intermittent network connectivity and/or slow connection for the Teacher network today, and possibly during the day on Tuesday. We will be running some tests with a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) for our overseas line that will eventually allow us to double our internet speed to your favorite sites outside the Great Firewall.

We do have a backup in place in case we lose all connectivity, but are hoping we won’t need it. We apologize for any inconvenience, and any impact on your user experience will be kept to a minimum, but we do ask for your patience for the next couple of days while the initial set up takes place.

We will be doing this two more times before making a final decision on our provider in the Chinese New Year. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you,

The IT Team

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