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PS Reminders Day 1

Junlah and Adam are away today at the PYP EAST Network meeting in Suzhou.

Thursday Carousel: Please indicate to Integration Specialist which rooms you will be meeting in for UOI planning.

CAS Project – Service

CAS Project – Props and Costumes

We’re looking for the next Marie Kondo!

Do you like drama? Do you like dressing-up? Do you have a great sense of organization? We have a great CAS project for you! You can be the boss! Mini-boss at least. This is a long-term project. It’s only work in the beginning with a few kids and once you’ve all KonMari-ed everything, you only have to check in a few times a month for the rest of the year.

We need people to help organize the Props and Costume room and one 11th grader to be the Leader.

Talk to Mr Brown first and then sign up on Veracross on Thursday morning.


CAS Experience – Knit for A Cause


Learn a skill and give a gift!

I will be starting a service club that is going to knit hats. Our goal is to make 100 hats/toques/beanies/winter hats to donate next December for the Pfrang Giving Tree. Please sign up on January 28th on Veracross. For more information, email felicitycrook. The first meeting is at lunch on Tuesday, January 29th in D229.

PP Thursdays

 Looking to level up your PP?

There’s no cheat codes or Easter eggs for you –> just hard work and perseverance. 

Come to the library today from 3:15 – 4:15 and Miss Keus will help you become the PP Boss.



PS: Your princess is not in another castle, she’s in the library.


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