Outdoor Survival – Skills & Leadership

Do you enjoy camping, hiking, bikepacking or just generally being outdoors? Are you interested in learning survival and leadership skills?

We are seeking Middle and Upper school students to join in learning valuable life-long skills while providing leadership opportunities to help mentor students from grade four and five.

Learn essential survival skills: navigation, first aid, rope work, building shelter, finding food and water, and building and cooking with fire.

Each six week cycle will conclude with a weekend camping trip. Put down that phone, iPad and laptop, and develop your outdoor skills which will lead to a greater appreciation for the natural world and all that it provides for us!

This is very good preparation for our new Global Citizenship Diploma which will start in August 2019.

You could also make this a Service as Action project!

Our classes will be running on Wednesdays 3.15- 4.15

Semester 2 schedule:

Cycle 3 – Week 22 – 27

Cycle 4 – Week 30 – 35

If interested, email Mr. Lee (

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