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Students Tech Team Meet

Students Tech Team Members, please notice that we are going to have our meeting at the following time and location:

Time: 13:10- This Friday (March 22nd)

Location: Eating Area Outside the Cafeteria

Hope to see you all there!

March Media Mentor Month

Following on from the Weekly Bulletin post about March Media Mentor Month, here is today’s challenge:

While the original post was primarily for parents, teachers are also encouraged to try some of these with their students as well. Try and complete as many of the activities in the calendar as you can throughout the month of March and if you would like to share with our community, make sure to mention @nischinaorg (on Instagram) or @NISChina (on Twitter or Facebook) so we can follow your progress! Together we can mentor each other to be more mindful and purposeful users of technology!

The rest of the calendar can be found below:

Volunteers Needed for Soccer Invitational Saturday March 23rd

Please sign up on Veracross to help. We need:

  • Ball People
  • Pitch Manager

Possible learning outcomes….(choose only ONE and one that is DIFFERENT from what you choose in your other experiences!)

  • ethics
  • challenge and new skills
  • commitment and perseverance
  • global (if you do the bake sale)

Remember you must have one SA and one Volunteering experience this semester. This is essential if you have enough points for an academic Achievement Award or if you wish to be considered for a Service Award.



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