Grade 11 – Athletics Day – UPDATED Deadline

Hi Grade 11,
On Wednesday 24th April we will be holding our annual Athletics day and we would love for you to take part!
If you ARE interested in participating in at least 3 events, please can you come and see me/email me the events and we will add you to the entry list. (Deadline is Friday 19th April @15:00)
If you ARE not going to participate you will have an extended supervised study hall for block 1-4 on this day.
Events are as follows:
Track – 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m
Field – Shot put, Javelin, High Jump, Triple Jump, Long Jump
Grade 11 – MIXED 4X100M (2 Boys, 2 Girls)
6x200m 1 Girl and 1 boy per house (will run with other grade levels)
If you would like to practice/train you are welcome to come out during study periods/free lessons and join PHE classes.
Hope to have some of you taking part.
Mr Dutton and Mr Stevens.
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