House Badminton – Grades 9-12 Friday 19th April

Badminton rules

Gr 9 – 12

Teams of 8: 4 boys and 4 girls (can only play in one type of match i.e singles or doubles not both)

Singles, doubles and mixed doubles per match. Winner is team who wins most games in the match. (First house to 1 game)

Each House nominates the following (House Captains to organise and provide a list)

1 Girls and 1 Boys singles player

2 Girls and 2 Boys doubles players

1 Girls and 1 Boys mixed doubles players

Each game up to 15 points, no need to win by 2 clear points

For overall results individual games won and lost are counted.

If a tie, total points difference over all the games will decide the results

Please can ALL Players be ready to start at 08:10

Match 1 – Wutaishan vs Taiping

Match 2 – Taiping vs Xuanwu

Match 3 – Wutaishan vs Xuanwu


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