House Spelling Competition: Friday

6-8 Advisory
Advisories Location
Ms. terBorg Ms. Kuan Mr. Madlinski Upstairs Design Centre
Mr Dutton Mr Baker Mr Stevens Green Gym
Mr Synder Mr Lee Ms. S Wang Mr Snyder’s Room
Mr Bahilo Mr Winstanley Ms. Johnson Ms Johnson’s Room
Mr. Warwick Ms. Seiguneur Mrs. Merrylees Mr. Warwick’s Room
9-10 Advisory
Advisories Location
Ms. Law Ms. Fox Mr. Orteza Ms Law’s Room
Ms. Chen Mr. Hammond Ms. L Wang Mr Hammond’s Room
Mr. Chesterman Mr Fischl Ms. Zhang Mr. Chesterman’s room
11-12 Advisory
Advisories Location
Mr Newman Mr Hornell Mr Leitz Mr Hornell’s Room
Mr Kay Ms Moen Mr Coad Ms. Moen’s Room
Ms Lenk Ms Crème Ms Ryan Ms Crème’s Room
  • A PowerPoint presentation will be shared to run the competition. Audio is needed to hear the words. There are 20 words to spell.
  • Like the House Trivia competition, 3 advisories will meet in one room, one from each House.
  • If possible, each advisory should create 3 more or less even sized mixed gender teams – so there are 9 teams in each room.
  • Nominate up to 3 student markers, to assist in scoring
  • If possible, mini whiteboards should be used for each team to spell each word. If mini whiteboards are not available, scrap paper can be used.
  • No technology is permitted for students during the competition.
  • Run the presentation as a slide show, allowing time for teams to spell each word. Teams should hold up their spelling towards the front so the markers can see if they are correct or not. It is either right or wrong. Correct each word as you go, keeping score on the scoresheet provided.
  • When finished, add the total scores for each team, the highest scoring house wins, next highest second and then third.
  • If there are unequal numbers of teams for each house, average the results to determine the winner. Each room needs to determine which house is 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Send your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Houses to Mr. Chesterman when completed.


Thank you for your support.

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