Come on, students…turn those books in!

The following students need to return textbooks and/or library books ASAP:

Grade 6

Madox B. – textbooks

Alina D. – textbooks

Charlie G. – textbooks

Yannick L. – textbooks

Luis P. – textbooks

Max W. – textbooks

Shi Yu W. – textbooks

Han Z. – library books

Finn Z. – textbooks


Grade 7

Zhi J. – textbooks

Hyemin P. – textbooks

Bangce Q. – textbooks

Byeongsoo S. – textbooks


Grade 8

Suyoung B. – textbooks

Oscar B. – textbooks

Jennifer C. – textbooks

Eric C. – textbooks

Jaemin K. – textbooks

Max S. – textbooks

Melissa W. – textbooks

Cici X. – library books

Sarah Y. – textbooks

Sherry Z. – textbooks


Grade 9

Lennard J. – textbooks

Jinhyung L. – textbooks

Jinah P. – textbooks

Kim W. – textbooks

Edwin Z. – textbooks and library books

Eason Z. – library books


Grade 10

Eva C. – textbooks

Sunny G. – textbooks

Andy H. – textbooks

Junseong H. – textbooks

Helen J. – textbooks

Seongmin K. – textbooks

Jumin P. – textbooks

Alina W. – textbooks

Renyue Y. – textbooks

Alice Z. – textbooks

Claire Z. – textbooks


Grade 11 – email me if you need the textbooks and/or library materials for next year

Mayvelyn B. – library books

Anthony C. – library books and textbooks

Siha C. – textbooks

Wootaek H. – textbooks

Yun Jeong H. – textbooks

Gunho J. – textbooks

Maria P. – library books

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