Closing Day Information

Hi All,

The forecast for today is rain so we are calling indoor break now.  Break today runs from at 10:00am-10:20am. Students in EY will spend the this time in the Blue Gym, Grades 1-2 will spend the Break in their corridor and classrooms, and Grades 3-5 will do the same.

MS/US students will spend the Break in the Green Gym, rocking out to the bands and signing yearbooks. All other spaces, including the cafeteria, will be off-limits. Other than yearbooks, you should leave everything in your Advisories.

At 10:20am the bell will go and PS students will quickly make their way to the Green Gym where we will all sit by House according to this seating plan for the Shield presentation.

After the Shield is presented, we will dismiss back to Homerooms and Advisories by grade level for final goodbyes. At 11:00am the bell will go and school will officially be “out… for summer!”

Today’s schedule is reposted here.

Have a great (final) morning of School Year 2018-2019!




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