EARCOS & SENIA teacher presentation field test

Zaoshang Hao,

Please note on you calendar that we will run the internal teacher presentation field test next week Thursday&Friday at lunch time.

Attending the presentation field test is the great way to learn from each other and support our colleagues with your feedback to shape the good presentations for EARCOS & SENIA annual conference.

Thursday 12:55-1:45    Presenter: Kari Detwiler

Workshop topic

Teaching Controversial Issues in the International Classroom – Humanities/Social Studies

Target Audience:

Secondary Humanities teachers (Grades 6-12)


Friday  13:05-13:50  Presenter: Craig T & Lance Yuen

Workshop topic & areas:

Are They Really That Bad?: Managing and interpreting student Bx models and the lens through which we support

Power Struggles/Attention Seeking/Devisive/Inadequacy

Adlarian based conceptualization of human behavior.

See you there!


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