Today & Tomorrow’s field test

Zaoshang Hao,

Please note down the date and time into your calendar and support our colleagues at lunch time this week. (adjusted)

Thursday 12:55-1:45  Presenter: Craig T & Lance Yuen D218(Lance’s room)

Workshop topic & areas: Are They Really That Bad?: Managing and interpreting student Bx models and the lens through which we support

Power Struggles/Attention Seeking/Devisive/Inadequacy/ Adlarian based conceptualization of human behavior.

Friday  13:05-13:50   D215 (Kari’s room)  Presenter: Kari Detwiler

Workshop topic: Teaching Controversial Issues in the International Classroom – Humanities/Social Studies

Target Audience:Secondary Humanities teachers (Grades 6-12)



See you there!


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