Discover China 2019

Weeks before, some people moan and complain

Switches are wanted, thoughts RC does entertain.

the FINAL staffing changes again and again

while Trip Beijing switches to an overnight train.


Three former trip leaders are on Yangshuo

following the orders of the legend Scott-o.


Xiamen, Yangshuo students flew off their bikes

Some do camping following a long hike.


Running in the mornings, caving in the dark

Hiking to lookouts without leaving a mark.


Conquering their fears, students reached the top,

They reached the chicken and quickly yelled “STOP!”


They challenged themselves and surprised us all,

Colours were revealed but everyone had a ball.


They built fences, mended walls, gathered trash,

Others played games and taught an English class.


They discovered sans phone they could survive;

For pockets of time, students were alive.


The haiku challenge came to an end.

One of the winners is J. Hammond.


We recovered a phone and a dropped passport.

Thanks to everyone who held down the fort.




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