Facility Notices

Dear All

The car park area will be closed from this Friday(6th December) after 3:00 until Sunday(8th December) due to  NIS Swim Meet.

The Fitness Room on 3rd Floor in the Centre will be closed for the whole day on Saturday 14 December.

Bike Parking Area:

The bicycle and motorbike parking area will be closed due to maintenance and construction over the winter. Any bicycles and motorbikes left in this area after the 13 December will be disposed of.

Please collect them before that date.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Access to school during Winter Break

Due to constructions, maintenance and cleaning work, the NIS Campus is closed. 

Except for the following:

Fitness Room at the Centre level 3

  • Standard Access Rules apply,
  • Sign in/out at the Security Guard Room
  • NIS ID card required
  • Access through the Green Gym entrance.

Visitors by appointment

Authorised Personnel

Thank you for helping us making NIS safer place, have a great holiday.


Deputy Director – Operations and Finance



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