Attention all actors!

Are you an out-of-work actor, bored with life since the last production ended? Are you an actor who can’t sing and is tired of musicals? Are you simply looking for an opportunity to appear on stage and entertain people? Most important, are you in Grade 9 or above and able to commit yourself to rehearsals with a small group of actors to prepare for a performance date in early May? If so, read on.

The Accidental Theatre Company started in 2014 as a way for NIS actors to express themselves in small-scale theatre productions. It kept them in practice and pushed them to challenge themselves in new ways. Every production from 2014 to 2017 was a comedy, which were hugely popular with actors and audience alike.

The Accidental Theatre only happens when there is a clear team of dedicated actors who are determined to work hard together put the show on. This year, we are auditioning to see if it will be possible to put a team together for a new production for 2020.

If you are interested, come to auditions on either Tuesday 14th January or Wednesday 15th January, lunchtimes (first lunch) in the Black Box. Get your audition extract in advance from either Mr. Brown or Mr. Hammond. The cast and play will be chosen by Monday, 20th January.

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