The process for submitting claims to Cigna

Dear overseas staff,

Please read below the message from Gouri (OWC), it is about the process for submitting claims to Cigna.

Best wishes,



Dear All,

I am writing this email explaining the process for submitting claims to Cigna:

For treatments within mainland China:

1.Claims for treatments up to Rmb3,000 – Cigna has relaxed the rules for submission of claim documents for treatment received within mainland China up to Rmb3,000. You can now submit such claims online by sending scanned soft copy documents (including claim form, medical reports and fapiao) to (and cc

2.Claims or treatments above Rmb3,000 – When the claim amount for treatment within mainland China is more than Rmb3,000 you will need to submit the original claim documents. You can mail the documents to Cigna’s address as mentioned in the claim form or submit them to One World Cover representative during their visit.

For treatments outside mainland China: The documents for treatments outside mainland China can be submitted online by logging in to or through their App – using your membership login details. You can also send scanned soft copies of documents to (and cc

Important note: Please note that you should hold onto the original documents (particularly the fapiao) for a period of at least one year after submitting the claim as “Cigna & CMB reserves the right to ask for the original documents if needed for further review”.

In case you have any questions related to claim submission or NIS medical plan, please feel free to write to They are happy to help!

Please feel free to make changes to the draft and let me know in case you have any questions at this stage.

With thanks and best wishes,


Gouri Dattawadkar | Group Business Manager | One World Cover Division | +86 21 5100 1960 x39 |

One World Cover division of Evertrust International Insurance Brokerage Company Ltd. Shanghai Pudong Branch 金诚国际保险经纪有限公司上海浦东分公司
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