#PubPDasia: Virtual School Chat Tonight 6pm Nanjing Time

#PubPDasia is a fun, informative, and interactive synchronous Twitter chat around relevant topics relating to learning in international schools. Typically the idea is that groups from schools meet up at a local pub/restaurant and have a conversation about a particular topic, both in reality and the by sharing ideas with other groups via the Twitter-sphere by using the #PubPDasia (we’ve done this a few times in the past here at NIS, well… Motu). Due to the fact that many schools/pubs are closed, they are running the chat as an open forum to anyone around the world on the topic of “virtual school.” All you need to do is log onto your Twitter account at 6pm Nanjing time and follow/contribute to the #PubPDasia hashtag. A cool way to connect around a pertinent topic from your sofa. All are welcome!

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