Clearance Procedures reminder for leaving students

Hi Teachers,

Just an update that as parents are not allowed on campus to support our leaving students we have simplified the process this semester.

This message below + the link has gone out to all leaving families.

You all know that our Year Book is a super important memento for all our students. If you can make sure on the last day that those absent students also get a book signed by their friends, that will be much appreciated. Put a sticker with their name on the outside, and if you already have intel on who might be able to take it home for them – add that name or pass it on as appropriate.

Please leave those Year Books either in Admissions/Reception or with Weiwei and we will do our best to get them despatched over the holidays.

Any questions just drop by and see us or send an email to:

“Dear Parents,

Unfortunately as you all know, this year our parents are not able to come onto campus to complete the Clearance Form.

To ensure that your children are able to obtain their final school records, reports and deposits (if applicable) we would like you to fill out this simplified form – one form per student.

Please click on this link below : Clearance Form information for parents

Kindly make sure you have no library books outstanding and that any balances with Chartwells are settled before you leave Nanjing.

There is very important information in this link on how to get the final reports and documents for your child or children during the final week.

We will be very sad to see you leave and wish you safe onward journey wherever you are heading.

Stay safe, well and happy and keep in touch with your friends here at NIS.

Kind regards

Sue N

Sue Northcott

Admissions Director”


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