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Volunteers and Student Leaders Needed

Check Veracross  for more information about these positions:


Book Stampers x 2

when: lunch 1

Skates, Blades and Boards ASA assistants x 2

when: Wednesday 3.15-4.15, Aug. 30 – Oct. 16

Trash Busters x 6

when: Fridays 3.15 – 4pm, Sept. 6 -Nov 29.

Gymnastics Helpers x 2

when: Tuesdays 2.45 – 3.45pm, Sept. 10 – Oct. 15.

when: Mondays 3.15 – 4.15pm, Sept. 9 – Oct. 14.

Practice Conversational English with Lifeguards x 2

when: lunch hours x 2 per 8 days until Dec. 12

Knitting for a Cause x 6

when: lunch x 1 per 8 days

Scorekeepers Volleyball Invitational

when: Saturday, Sept 21. Times to be confirmed.

Learning2 Conference Student Volunteers x 5

when: Oct 18 – 19. Times to be confirmed.


For these possible CAS Projects, please see Ms Anna as soon as possible.

NIC Barbecue Activities/Volunteer Organizers x 2

Learning2 Conference Student Volunteer Coordinator x 1

Santa Fun Run Organizers x 2 

Pfrang Giving Tree Organizers x 2


Become a Lifeguard – American Red Cross

We are offering the American Red Cross Lifeguard Course. Through a combination of classwork (theory) and pool sessions (pratical), you could become a certified Lifeguard.

Students must first successfully meet the pre-requisites and their participation must be approved by the Aquatics Director. The cost is 200 rmb. This will be refunded to the students when they successfully complete the Lifeguarding course.

The class runs every  Thursdays from 3.15 -5.15pm. 100% attendance is required. Please bring swimsuit, towel and goggles to every session.

A few spaces are still available. Please contact Ms Lammers for more information.


Students in Grades 6 – 11,

Today, Tuesday, August 20th, at 8.00 am, you will receive an email with a link to Microsoft Forms where you can indicate your FIRST and SECOND choices for Discover China 2019. You can use your laptop or other device that allows you to check your email.

Please make sure you select trips that you have not yet been on.

You can only use the link once. The survey will close at 4.00 pm today.

When you click the link, you may need to log in. Don’t worry if you don’t, that just means that your browser remembers your password. Once you have made your choice, your name and email are automatically recorded.

That’s it. Easy.

Your advisory teacher has screen shots of what the Form looks like.

Please come find me if you have questions.

Volunteering Opportunities

Sign up on Veracross to help.

Monday sign up:

  • Swim Meet Volunteers
    • Thursday 22 Aug – G 6-9
    • Friday 23 Aug – G 6-9
    • Saturday 21 Sept – G 6-10
  • Activities Office help –  G 8-9
  • Book Stamper – G 6-7

Thursday sign up:

  • Rollerblading Volunteer – G6-10
  • Learning2 Volunteers G6-11
  • Teaching English to the Lifeguards – G10-11
  • Knitting for a Cause – G6-12

Discover China Sign Up on Microsoft Forms!

Dear Students in grades 6-11,

Last Spring, we asked you tell us which Discover China experience you were interested in. On Tuesday, you will officially sign up for your Discover China Week. All students in grades 6-11 MUST sign up on Microsoft Forms.

Please check the plasma screens and the bulletin board outside the Activities Office if you want more information about the different options. You can also ask your Advisory Teacher or me.

Grades 6 – 7:

  • Hangzhou
  • Huangshan
  • Taishan

Grades 8 – 9:

  • Beijing
  • Moganshan
  • Shaolin

Grades 10 – 11:

  • Guiyang
  • Xiamen
  • Yangshuo

You will register on Microsoft Forms and NOT on Veracross. On Tuesday you will receive a link to Microsoft Forms. Registration will open at 1 pm on Tuesday and will close at 4pm.


Ms Anna



Volunteer Opportunities!!!!

Volunteer Opportunities, Please sign up on Veracross on Monday at 10.30 am.

1. Activities Office Volunteer

A volunteer is needed for clerical work such as filing papers or sorting uniforms etc. This position will be for one semester. The work is irregular. We might need you for 2 days next week and then not again for 2 or 3 weeks. The work will be at lunch time.


  • Grade 8 or 9
  • knows the alphabet
  • Can match uniforms by number
  • Can fold uniforms
  • Can work alone


2. Volunteer – Book Stamper

One student is needed to stamp books with “Nanjing International School”. We have received some books, 3000 of them. Easy work but long. We only have one stamp. The work will be at lunch time.


  • Grade 6 or 7
  • Can work independently


3.  Swim Time Trials Volunteers

 8 students are needed for timing and marshalling at the Swim Time Trials at NIS.

3.10 pm – 5.30 pm

Choice of 2 dates: Thursday, August 22nd and Friday, August 23rd


  • Grades 6-9
  • Have good hand-eye coordination
  • Can focus on the timing and not get distracted
  • Willing to learn
  • Ethical


4. Local Swim Meet Volunteers

 16 students are needed for timing, marshalling, announcing, etc

Time/shifts to be confirmed

Saturday, September 21st


  • Grades 6-10
  • Have good hand-eye coordination
  • Can focus on the timing and not get distracted
  • Ability to speak Mandarin an advantage
  • Ability to speak with firm tone is helpful
  • Ethical

Activities and Clubs – Proofing.

Dear Amazing Activities and Club Leaders/Student-led Club,

Could you please double check your ASA or Club Listing on the attached PDFs. If any changes need to be made, please email Elaine Liu before the end of the day, Thursday 15th. The calendar will be accessible to the community on Friday at 4pm.

Thanks for you help,

Activities Office

Clubs and Performing Arts Activities Catalog – Nanjing International School.pdf

Grade 1~5 Cycle 1 After School Activities Catalog – Nanjing International School.pdf

ASAs and Clubs

This is a gentle reminder for all FULL-TIME teaching colleagues to sign-up for the year’s ASAs and Clubs program. Here are the links once again:



MS/US Performing Arts:

Clubs and Service Experiences:


I am looking for:

  • teachers to supervise some MS/US Student-led activities
  • someone to take over MS/US choir
  • teachers to be on-call to cover/supervise ASAs or clubs if the activity leader is absent.


If you don’t know what to offer, drop in and we can chat.

Thanks for keeping our students balanced!

Say Cheese!!!!!!!


After briefing today, out near the pond, I’d like to take a group photo of all the teachers who have taught or who do teach or who will teach this year’s Grade 12s.

Also, if you are a Grade 12 teacher, I’d like to take your portrait some time between now and March 2020!

These beautiful photos will go into their Graduation Album.


And MORE photos!

Let me know if you want advisory or HR photos or teaching team photos taken.


I am more than happy to snap at least a dozen photos!


Wednesday Block 1 French 8, phase 1-2

Scavenger Hunt/GooseChase

Just a quick heads up that my grade 8 phase 1-2 class (8 students) will be on a “GooseChase” during block 1 on Wednesday. They will be roaming the school following questions and challenges set it French. They will use inside voices and they will walk when inside the buildings. They will not go into any classrooms. They will need to use their phones to complete the tasks but walking and texting is forbidden. There will be a fine of 500 points per team member for walking and texting.

Bonne Chance!

Ms Anna

Clubs, Performing Arts, ASAs 2019-2020

We’ve already started planning for 2019-2020!


Which activities would you like to lead next year?  Help us prepare for the new year by expressing your interest in one of the surveys below:


MS/US Performing Arts:

Clubs and Service Experiences:


If you have any questions, please stop by the Activities Office.




Please ensure your ManageBac entries are all up to date before your DEADLINE.

A completed entry has:

  • grade before the title of the experience
  • volunteering or Service as Action selected
  • description (who, what, where, when, why) with smart goal
  • reflections (facts, feelings, findings, future, smart goal and outcome) the number of reflections depends on length/frequency. Aim for 1-2 reflections a month.
  • evidence
  • ONE learning outcome (different one each time)

In addition, Gr10 and G11s must have:


-a balance of strands

-a variety of learning outcomes

Here are the DEADLINES 9pm (Beijing time):

Grade 11 – May 17th

Grade 10 – May 22nd

Grade 9 – May 24th

Grade 8 – May 27th

Grade 6 – June 3rd

Grade 7 – June 6th

There are other requirements, please come by the Activities Office if you have questions.


Volunteers still needed

Please sign up on Veracross to help with:

  • World Cup Ball Person
  • World Cup Bake Sale Seller
  • Hopeful Hearts Garage Sale
  • Swim Meet Timer

Come to the Activities Office if you need help.


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