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INSET – feedback, please

Good morning,

SET would like to seek your feedback on the October INSET.  Rather than sending out a survey, if you would like to share keepers/highlights, changes/suggestions for improvement, or additions, please email these to any member of SET — by Friday, October 20.

Subject line: INSET

Thank you!



Anyone interested in a terrarium (aka hamster house) for your classroom?  Let Arden know.



Designated Toilets

Dear Students,

During the holiday, certain toilets were allocated for students only, and other toilets were allocated for adults only.  Please do not use the toilets with the signs in red saying “Adults Only”.

Thank you,

Mrs Tyoschin


The Smallest Gifts

Good morning,

I’ve been asked to share a copy of the NIS illustrated story “The Smallest Gifts”.  I have saved a copy on Office 365 in the October INSET folder.

Thank you!




Good morning!

We are looking forward to welcoming Cheri Carpenter to NIS for our two days of INSET, who will lead us through applying MAP reports to inform instruction.

Please note – lunch is provided on both INSET days.

Have a happy, safe, and restful mid-Autumn Festival break!

Your SET

INSET Schedule Oct 9-10-t56cwp

INSET sessions – last day to sign up!

Remember to sign up on Veracross for INSET sessions (Tuesday afternoon, from 2:15-3:15).

Most sessions still have space!

What Who Where
 Mindfulness Gretchen PS LGR
 Yoga Myroslava Dance Studio
 Chinese Language class Lynn & Eva C120
 Korean Language class Grace Kang C109
 Japanese/Korean Drumming (TBC) Amy M251
 African Drumming Caleva M252
 Ukulele for Beginners Kasson M250
 Volleyball/Badminton Danny Blue Gym
 Korean Cooking Grace Kim PS LGR
 Tai Chi External master Field
 10K run Olivia Centre Foyer
 Graphic Design-Reduce Cognitive Overload Tom C115
 BYO Needlework Lindy C140
 Paper 53 (iPad app) Sonya C136

MAP Testing: Weeks 6&7

As you know, MAP testing will start this week for students in Grades 3-10.  All times have been scheduled and communicated to relevant teachers, along with accommodations for relevant students.

Please note that for students who are taking the test in a separate location or who have a reader, they may arrive late to their next class.

I’ve attached the schedule for Week 6 here for your reference, as well as accommodation details.

A huge thanks to teachers who have scheduled this in to English and Maths classes, attended MAP training sessions, and who are supporting students as readers or small group supervisors!

A massive thanks to Joe and Cindy and ICT for their tech support!

Any questions, please stop by.


MAP Accommodations for Grades 3-10 Fall 2017 copy-124s30e

MAP Testing – Grade 3-10

Good morning!

If you have been looking at the beautifully designed NIS calendar, you will know that MAP testing starts next week.

What does this mean for you?  Here is a quick Q&A:

Q1. What does MAP stand for?  What kinds of tests are they?

Measures of Academic Progress. You will take a reading test and a maths test.  These are taken on your laptops (trolley laptops for G3-4).  You will take a similar test twice a year so that we can see your progress.

Q2. When do we take the tests?

Your teachers will let you know when you will take the test, normally during language and maths lessons.

Q3. Do I need to study something special for the test?

No need for special studying or cramming – we just want to know how you are doing in Reading and Maths!

Q4. Do I need to bring anything?

No – just yourselves and a positive attitude  🙂

Any other questions – please ask your teachers, Mrs Gijzen, Mrs Clarke, Mr Bratton, Dr Saavedra, or me – Mrs Tyoschin

Have a great Friday!

Professional Growth at NIS

Good morning,

In the Staff Folder, under Handbooks, you will find information about Professional Growth at NIS.  For teachers new to NIS, this might have been called appraisal in a previous school.  At NIS, we focus on providing supportive and coaching feedback with the goal of continual growth to support student learning.  In the folder, you will also find an Excel document that identified who will be your professional growth supporter.  Any questions – please see any member of SET!



PD Committee

Good morning,

Our PD committee is once again complete!  We welcome our newest member, Sonya, to join Andrew M, Chris, Joe, Angel, Steven, and me.

Please remember that PD applications should be sent to me by email.

Have a great Wednesday,


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