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Professional Growth Programme – End of Year Reflection

Good morning,

The End of Year Reflection form is in the Staff Folder, under “Handbooks Procedures”, in the Professional Growth Programme folder.  Click here for access.  You will need to log in as you do for all Office 365 documents.   Please send the completed reflection (Appendix 3 or 3a) by June 11.

Have a great week!


Pre-exam activities: IMPORTANT

Good morning, students in Grades 7-11,

You will see the activity/ies that you have signed up for in your Veracross Portal.  Make sure that you make your way directly to the location of the activity after Advisory.   The supervisor will take attendance. You may not make any changes without prior permission.

If you have not signed up for an activity, you must be in your Block 1 lesson for quiet study.

Block 2: you need to be in your scheduled Block 2 lesson for either quiet study or a normal lesson, as indicated on the exam schedule.  There are no activities during Block 2.

Be balanced!

Mrs Tyoschin

MAP & ISA results – send home today

Good morning,

If you are a Homeroom/Advisory teacher for Grades 3-10, please remember to pick up MAP and ISA results from your pigeon hole this morning and send home with your students.  An email message was sent to parents yesterday.

Thank you,


G7-11 Pre-Exam Activities Sign-ups

Good morning, Students in Grades 7-11!

You can now browse Block 1 Pre-Exam Activities on your Veracross portal.

  • Sign-ups start Monday at 7:00am.
  • Sign-ups close Thursday at 4:30pm.
  • If you do not sign-up for an activity, you must go to your Block 1 class where you will be able to engage in quiet study.

If we have low sign-ups for pre-exam activities, these activities will be discontinued next year.


Mrs Tyoschin

SET seeks your feedback

Good morning,

As part of SET’s Professional Growth Programme, we seek your feedback by means of a short survey or as part of a focus group.  Please choose your preferred medium for providing feedback.

Please click on the links below for the survey option:

Deputy Director – Learning

Head of Primary

Head of Middle School

Head of Upper School

Please meet in the Strategy room during the first half of lunch at the following times for the focus group option:

Kasson: May 8 

Marina: May 9 

Juan: May 10  

Arden: May 14

Thank you!


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