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Pre-exam activities

Good morning, Students in G7-11

Please see the updated pre-exam activities below. You will be able to see the activity/activities that you signed up for in Veracross.  If an activity that you signed up for was cancelled due to low numbers, you will receive an email today.

If you did not sign up for an activity, you must go to your Block 1 lesson for quiet study.

Thank you to teachers who have offered to lead these pre-exam activities!  You can find the names of students who have signed up in your Veracross portal.  On the Home page, under “My Classes” click on “Future”.



Pre-exam activity sign-ups – LAST CHANCE

Dear Students in Grades 7-11,

Thank you to those of you who have already signed up for activities next week.

The following activities may NOT run due to LOW numbers:

TUESDAY (1): Yoga/Mindfulness

WEDNESDAY (1): Volleyball/Table Tennis

THURSDAY (4): Aquatics, Badminton, X-fit, Yoga/Mindfulness

Please note that we have added a new activity: Art with Mr Kay on TUEDAY & WEDNESDAY.

Sign-ups will close TODAY at 4:30pm.

Your sign-ups for exams will help us decide which activities we offer for Semester 2 exams.

Mrs Tyoschin


PD Tab in Edublogs

Good morning,

Please note that in Edublogs there is a tab where PD opportunities are posted.

A reminder that applications should be sent to the relevant Head of Section, and will then be reviewed by the PD committee.




Pre-exam activity sign-ups

Students in G7-11,

Need a quick overview of activities for your grade level?  Not sure where the activity takes place?  See schedule below.

Reminder: if fewer than 5 students sign up for an activity, the activity may be cancelled.   Sign up today!

Locker Reminder G6-12

A friendly reminder that you must use your lock on your locker.


  1. What do I do if I lost my lock?  –> Pay 15 RMB at the cashier and bring your receipt to Ms Zoe for a new lock
  2. What do I do if my lock is broken?  –> Bring your broken lock to Ms Zoe and exchange it for a new one
  3. What do I do if I forgot my lock combination?  –> See you Advisory teacher who will tell you your combination

What else?

  • Your lock must be LOCKED on your locker (not just hanging open)
  • Your lock combination must be removed from the back of your lock
  • Use only your own locker, no matter where it is


  • By the end of the day, Thursday, November 30.

Still have questions?   See Dr Saavedra, Mr Bratton, or Mrs Tyoschin — TODAY.

Pre-exam activity sign-ups

Dear Students in G7-11,

Pre-exam activities sign-ups are open today!

Check your exam schedule to see when activities are available to you.  Sign-up early as activities have limited spots.

Happy learning!

Mrs Tyoschin

Pre-exam de-stressing activities

Students in Grades 7-11!

Today you will be able to browse the different pre-exam activities on Veracross.  Sign-ups begin on Tuesday.

When choosing your activities, sign up for activities that match your exam schedule.  Check for your Grade level indicated in the activity title.   Any questions – please ask.

These activities, in additional to your well-planned review schedule, will help energise your bodies and your minds and prepare you for a successful and calm test experience!

Mrs Tyoschin


Pre-exam De-stressing Activities

Good morning!

Students in Grades 7-11, please see pre-exam activities that will be open for you to sign up for, through Veracross, starting next week.  Based on the survey results last week, we have tailored both the number and types of activities to meet your needs.

Remember to thank your De-stressing Activity Leaders!

Blood Type

Good morning,

In Veracross we have now added a field to collect NIS faculty and staff blood type.   This information will be accessible by a limited number of NIS colleagues (School Nurse, IT and SLT).  Unfortunately, this information cannot be entered through the Veracross Portal, so if you would like to have your blood type entered into Veracross, please send Samantha an email indicating your blood type by Thursday, November 30.

Sharing this information is completely voluntary.



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