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MAP schedule – REMINDER of extended blocks

Good morning,

A reminder that Grades 10s ONLY will have extended Blocks 1 & 3 TODAY.

All other students will have normal schedules on Monday.  Students – please move quietly and avoid the LGR between Blocks 1&2 and Blocks 3&4.  Thank you!

REMINDER: ALL students will have extended Block 1 on TUESDAY and THURSDAY this week.

Grade 4 will have their final MAP assessment at 8:10 on April 25.

This week’s MAP schedule for Grades 6-10 is below for your quick reference.


MAP Schedule – reminder

Dear Colleagues,

Attached you will find the schedule for MAP assessments this week and next week.

REMINDER: This week Wednesday and Thursday Block 1 are extended for ALL CLASSES. 

Proctors, please go through the checklist of 6 questions sent out on Wednesday, April 11, as well as details on accommodations.

Please see me with any questions.  Thank you!



MAP assessments: message for G6-10 students

Students in Grades 6-10:

Over the next couple of weeks, you will take the Spring MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessments in Reading and Maths.

You will see the schedule below that indicates the time of the assessments, where they will take place, and the supervising teacher.

These online assessments may take up to 90 minutes, so you will have extended lessons on these days.

You may finish the assessment early, so bring a book to read quietly.

Any questions — please see your Maths and/or English teacher or me.

Mrs Tyoschin



G3-10 MAP assessments – schedule

Good morning,

I am reposting the schedule for MAP below with a couple of small changes. Please check carefully.

Proctors have already received information about training dates and details about accommodations.  If you are a proctor and have not received this email from me, please let me know.

Reminder for MS/US: we will have an extended Block 1 for ALL Middle and Upper school on the following dates:

  • April 18 (Day 4), April 19 (Day 5), April 24 (Day 8), April 26 (Day 2). 

Please refer to the schedule and plan accordingly.

On April 23, G10s only will have extended Block 1 & Block 3.

Student Led Conferences – lunch

Good morning,

Please note that sandwiches, salads and a choice of hot dishes will be available for purchase in Centre cafe on Wednesday’s SLC day.

Hot dishes:

  • Baked Fish with Parmesan Cheese
  • Slow braised Beef and Dahl
  • Assorted Mushroom Risotto (vegetarian)

The snack bar in the cafeteria will also remain open during the day.

Please see Chartwells with any questions.



Lost something valuable?

Good morning,

Please see photo below.  If you think that something might belong to you, see Ms Samantha this week!

All items not claimed by April break will be donated to charity.

Mrs Tyoschin

MAP schedules – Weeks 30 & 31

Good morning,

Please see the schedules below for MAP assessments.  Only two grade levels at any time can take on-line MAP assessments.

You will receive an email from me with further if you are directly involved in MAP.

Grades 3&4, laptops will be available for students.  This will take place in classrooms, excepts students who require an alternate location.

MS/US: Please note that we will have an extended Block 1 for ALL Middle and Upper school on the following dates:

  • April 18 (Day 4), April 19 (Day 5), April 24 (Day 8), April 26 (Day 2).  Please refer to the schedule and plan accordingly.

On April 23, G10s only will have extended Block 1 and Block 3.

Any questions, please stop by!


Locks on lockers

Good morning,

If you find that you have a new lock on your locker, it means that your lock was open, you were missing a lock, or you had a non-school lock on your locker.

This applies to a very small number of students.

What to do next?  Stop by and see Mrs Tyoschin to

a) retrieve your lock that was left open,

b) arrange to purchase a lock if you have lost yours, and/or

c) … ask anything else I can help you with.


INSET: Days 1-3

Good morning!

In case you missed it, here is the schedule for INSET.  Remember to bring your laptop and a pen or pencil.

Snacks provided at morning break. Lunch provided in the cafeteria each day.

See you at 8:15 in the PAC!


INSET Schedule

Good morning,

As you know, our first three days of INSET will focus on Inclusion, led by highly experienced, insightful and action-based Kristen Pelletier and Danette Sack.  You may remember Danette as she was one of the accreditation team members who visited NIS in September 2017.  If you have been at NIS for a (long) while, Kristen first visited NIS to lead an initial audit of our inclusion practices in 2012.  We’ve come a long way since then!

On Feb 14, a number of targeted break-out sessions will take place.  Please check Page 2 for groupings.  If you don’t see your name, don’t worry!  Kristen and Danette have something very practical and meaningful in mind for everyone!

You can view the schedule in the attachment or in the screenshots below.

February INSET 2018-1tyr5s8

Any questions – please ask a member of SET!

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