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INSET: Days 1-3

Good morning!

In case you missed it, here is the schedule for INSET.  Remember to bring your laptop and a pen or pencil.

Snacks provided at morning break. Lunch provided in the cafeteria each day.

See you at 8:15 in the PAC!


INSET Schedule

Good morning,

As you know, our first three days of INSET will focus on Inclusion, led by highly experienced, insightful and action-based Kristen Pelletier and Danette Sack.  You may remember Danette as she was one of the accreditation team members who visited NIS in September 2017.  If you have been at NIS for a (long) while, Kristen first visited NIS to lead an initial audit of our inclusion practices in 2012.  We’ve come a long way since then!

On Feb 14, a number of targeted break-out sessions will take place.  Please check Page 2 for groupings.  If you don’t see your name, don’t worry!  Kristen and Danette have something very practical and meaningful in mind for everyone!

You can view the schedule in the attachment or in the screenshots below.

February INSET 2018-1tyr5s8

Any questions – please ask a member of SET!

Accreditation & IB Evaluation Reports

Good morning,

You can find the Accreditation and IB Evaluation Reports on the server at this location:

Public –> Teachershare –> Accreditation Reports 2017.

A reminder from yesterday’s briefing that action in response to the feedback will be strategic and integrated in line with our Mission and  Strategy.  Of course you are welcome to share ideas with Laurie or any member of SET.



International Schools Assessments (ISAs): Grades 6-10

Good morning,

A reminder to students in Grades 6-10 that ISA writing assessments, both narrative and expository, will take place next Tuesday and Wednesday.

This means two interruptions to normal schedules, when students will go to a different locations for these assessments.  Please see schedule below.  Any questions, please see Mrs Tyoschin.

Have a great Friday!

NIS Since 1992 Ribbons

On Wednesday morning, students will write their one word that represents NIS on a ribbon.

Today & Tuesday, please discuss this with students in Homeroom and Advisory, asking them to think about their word.

On Tuesday afternoon, ribbons and pens will be put in Homeroom Teacher and Advisory Teacher pigeon holes for pickup.

Note: students may write their word in English or their home language

As students write their words, please record the words, IN ENGLISH, in the attached Word document.  No commas, just spaces between words.  In the case that a word may be used by different students more than once, repeat the word.  Ex: if 4 students use the word “inclusive”, write inclusive 4 times.

NIS Ribbon Words-27txsum

Finally, return ribbons to Lucy and email the Word document to Lucy as well.

Thank you!

LUNCH: Wednesday, Jan 24, 3-way Conferences

Good morning,

Please see the lunch menu available for purchase in the Centre Cafe on Jan 24, 3-way conferences day:

Hot dishes: BBQ Pork ribs / Chicken Gordon Bleu / Spinach & Mushroom Quiche (vegetarian choice)

Choice of sandwiches and salad.

The snack bar in cafeteria will also be open during the day.



Please see the attached ISA schedules and accommodations.

Grades 3-5 will take place on Feb 5 & 7:

ISA testing G3-5 (Feb 2018)-22d23qz

Grades 6-10 will take place Feb 6 & 7:

ISA testing G6-10 (Feb 2018)-1eo5bb6

As there is a lot of information in the documents, when you open the PDF, click Command F and search separately both your name and your classroom number.

Training for proctors will take place at lunch on January 29 and 30. Please choose the day that is more convenient for you.  More information to follow next week.

If you have any questions, please stop by and see me.

Thank you,


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