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The Koerschen Award

Dear Students!

Are you part of a team leading change in the NIS and/or Nanjing community?

If you meet the criteria below, please get in contact with Mrs Tyoschin know by Friday, November 27.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.25.35 AM

Found Items

Good morning,

I still have many items of value that have been turned in to my office.  If you are missing any of the following and you think that it may belong to you, please stop by and see me.

5 watches

3 cell phones (NOT iPhone brand)

3 wallets

2 keys

1 bracelet

1 necklace

1 set of earbuds

Best wishes,

Mrs Tyoschin

CSR Poster Competition: Vote!

Dear NIS Students,

As you may know, NIS students have entered a range of posters for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) competition.    

The foci for this year’s competition were:  air, water, food, environment and sustainability.

Please click on the QR code below to vote through WeChat.  Voting will continue until October 22 at 23:59.

Thank you,

Mrs Tyoschin

Poster voting-small

Visitors to NIS

Good morning, NIS students,

This week we will have 4 visitors from three different agencies who will be getting to know our school better and meeting with a range of NIS staff members and students.  If you see them in the hallways, please make them feel welcome as always.   If you have any questions about the visit, please feel free to ask.

Mrs Tyoschin

Found items

Good morning,

If you have lost any of the following, please see me.

– little purse

– wallet

– cell phone

– earbuds

– glasses

Mrs Tyoschin

Student Access to School

Good morning,

During MYP/DP Advisory this morning, please review this summary about access to NIS campus.                        I am happy to meet with students to clarify any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs Tyoschin

Student Access to NIS

MYP/DP Student Council Election Results

A huge congratulations to all students who have joined the Student Council, along with a huge thanks to all who put their names forward. 

The list of Representatives are as follows:

Grade 6 Representatives:



Grade 7 Representatives:



Grade 8 Representatives:



Grade 9 Representatives:



Grade 10 Representatives:



Grade 11 Representatives:



Grade 12 Representatives:



Once again, congratulations and I hope that everyone has an amazing day!

Thank You,

Kostya Tyoschin and Cameron Young

Student Council Elections

Hello Student Council Enthusiasts!

Student Council needs to start soon so if you are still refining your paragraphs explaining why you would like to be a part of student council, then you should finish them soon! Please send them to me (Kostya Tyoschin) before the end of Tuesday. Wishing all candidates the best of luck!      

– Kostya Tyoschin and Cameron Young

PYP Teachers – Pencil Case Q&A

Good morning PYP teachers,

It seems that there have been a few questions about student pencil cases.  I hope that this quick Q&A will help in this transition year. 

Q. Who automatically receives a new pencil case?

A.  We are providing pencil cases to new students only.  

Q. What should returning students expect?

A. Returning students should use the pencil cases from last year, and refill items were available for pick-up in the PYP LGR. 

Q. What if a returning student has a broken pencil case?

A. If students have a pencil case that is broken (broken zippers, ripped, etc) from last year, they may request a new pencil case through Zoe.  Please provide the broken pencil case to Zoe so that we can follow up with common problems with purchasing.

Q. What happens if returning students threw out their pencil case last year because they were broken?

A. If students have informed you that their pencil case was broken and thrown out last year, please ask them if they need a new pencil case.  Some students may opt to use a pencil case from home.  If students would like a replacement pencil case, an empty one can be obtained by Zoe.  Refill items will already have been taken collected from the stationery boxes in the PYP LGR. 

Q. How do I get the pencil cases I need from Zoe?

A. Send Zoe an email by 3:30pm Wednesday that clearly states your homeroom + how many pencil cases you need for each of the 3 houses for your class.  We will need to place an additional order.  You will be informed of their arrival as soon as possible. 

Thanks – have a great week,


Changed access to the Café after school

Dear Students,

Please remember that only students in Grades 10-12 may access the Café in the Centre after school.  Students in Grades 5-9 who are registered for an activity that starts after 4:00 may wait on the first level of the cafeteria.

Thank you,

Mrs Tyoschin

FOUND – Wallet with money

A wallet with a significant amount of money was turned in last week.  If you have lost a wallet, please come to my office to check with Samantha, or check with Sue Northcott in Admissions.

Mrs Tyoschin

Lost & Found

Lost: iPhone 4, a pair of blue Nike runners

Found: 2 cell phones, 6 watches, a Macbook charger, a gold bracelet

Please see Mrs Tyoschin

More LOST… and FOUND…

Good morning,

LOST: a badminton racquet.  If you have seen it or if you think you may have borrowed it for interhouse badminton, please let Mrs Tyoschin know.

FOUND: two wallets were turned in.  One wallet has a Chinese bank card in it.  If you have lost your wallet, please see Mrs Tyoschin.

Please help match these items to their owners!

Lost… & Found…

LOST: a white samsung galaxy S3 with a transparent cover and a polaroid picture in the case. If found, please see Mrs Tyoschin.

FOUND: a black cell phone, a watch, an external power charger.  If you think that one of these may be yours, please also see Mrs Tyoschin.

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