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Counselors available

Dear All,

Please remember that our counselors are available for students and staff who may need to speak with someone after hearing the very sad news yesterday.

I wish you a peaceful day.

Health at NIS

Good morning,

Yesterday afternoon you will have received an email addressed to parents about typical seasonal gastro-enteritis.  ISOS and Raffles have communicated that this is a common illness at this this time of year, and there is no cause for alarm.

In terms of teachers actions at school, please be extra vigilant about reminding students to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.  If you have students who come to school unwell, please send them to the nurse.

Thank you,



Monday Briefing

Good morning –

A reminder that we will have our first Monday briefing of the school year at the start of morning break in the Staff Room. Please arrive promptly, unless you are on duty, in which you should also arrive to your supervision area promptly!

See you there,


Attention students in G6-11: LOCKS

Good morning – welcome to the last week of school before the summer break!

This Friday morning, you will hand in your locks with your combinations to your Advisory teacher.

If you have lost your lock, please let your Advisory teacher know TODAY.  You will need to pay 15 RMB at the cashier window in the Centre by tomorrow (Tuesday) 3:00pm.

Mrs Tyoschin

2016-17 Calendar

Good morning,

If you have scheduled events on the 2016-17 calendar, please check Veracross by the end of today to ensure that there are no clashes.  Remember to check both the “school” and “athletics” calendars.

Cindy is working with Veracross to arrange to have these combined.

Please send any queries to me by 4:30 this afternoon.

Thank you,


Arden out of school Week 34

Good morning,

I will be out of school at an accreditation visit for Week 34.  As Laurie will also be out of school Monday and Tuesday, please see Arek or Kasson for any whole school questions.


Pre-exam activities: SIGN-UPS

Dear Students,

Sign-ups for pre-exam de-stressing activities will take place through Veracross.

Sign-ups will be open today (Thursday) at 8:00am and will close Monday at 4:30pm. There are limited spot available.

It is important to choose a RANGE of activities (not only quiet study and group study). The data that we receive about sign-ups will inform our decision about whether or not we offer pre-exam activities next year.  

By being well prepared in advance, you can take care of your mind, body, and overall well-being.

Remember to THANK the teachers and community members who offer these activities.

Mrs Tyoschin

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