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Recycling used glass bottles/jars for an x-block project

Dear NIS community,
For my X-block project I’m researching how to make scented and different themed candles I was wondering if instead of buying new jars to recycle and ask this amazing community if anyone is willing to recycle their glass bottles/jars.

The bottles/jars can be different sizes (preferably not taller than 20 cm and not to wide, different shapes and colors)

There will be a box in front of the library beginning week 15. Please you can drop off your bottles/jars there.

I will finish collecting the jars on Friday the 24 at 4: 15.
Thank you,
Sara Paruta

30 Day Exercise Challenge

Hello NIS community,

Come and join Grade 5 as they undertake a 30 day challenge to become more active, and responsible for their health and wellbeing. This starts on Wednesday 1st March (TODAY!)

We are following a schedule that can be found in the link below. Students, siblings and parents will get active together by choosing a one of the levels to complete for each day.

30 day challenge-2b5w0l9

You can also find the daily exercise on the PE noticeboard so come on down and get active with your students/children.

If you would like to know more, please speak to the Grade 5 students or come and see me.

Have a great 30 days ahead.

Mr Dutton

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