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Grade 11 – Athletics Day – UPDATED Deadline

Hi Grade 11,
On Wednesday 24th April we will be holding our annual Athletics day and we would love for you to take part!
If you ARE interested in participating in at least 3 events, please can you come and see me/email me the events and we will add you to the entry list. (Deadline is Friday 19th April @15:00)
If you ARE not going to participate you will have an extended supervised study hall for block 1-4 on this day.
Events are as follows:
Track – 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m
Field – Shot put, Javelin, High Jump, Triple Jump, Long Jump
Grade 11 – MIXED 4X100M (2 Boys, 2 Girls)
6x200m 1 Girl and 1 boy per house (will run with other grade levels)
If you would like to practice/train you are welcome to come out during study periods/free lessons and join PHE classes.
Hope to have some of you taking part.
Mr Dutton and Mr Stevens.

House Badminton – Grades 9-12 Friday 19th April

Badminton rules

Gr 9 – 12

Teams of 8: 4 boys and 4 girls (can only play in one type of match i.e singles or doubles not both)

Singles, doubles and mixed doubles per match. Winner is team who wins most games in the match. (First house to 1 game)

Each House nominates the following (House Captains to organise and provide a list)

1 Girls and 1 Boys singles player

2 Girls and 2 Boys doubles players

1 Girls and 1 Boys mixed doubles players

Each game up to 15 points, no need to win by 2 clear points

For overall results individual games won and lost are counted.

If a tie, total points difference over all the games will decide the results

Please can ALL Players be ready to start at 08:10

Match 1 – Wutaishan vs Taiping

Match 2 – Taiping vs Xuanwu

Match 3 – Wutaishan vs Xuanwu



MS/US Athletics Day – First Information and draft of staff allocations

Hi everyone,

The students are looking forward to showcasing their personal excellence in different athletic events and this is their summative performance based on goals they have set for themselves. We look forward to you joining us and supporting them in this endeavor.

Please see below in the link the first draft of the job allocations on the day, based on last years staffing. New teachers are added and highlighted (If i have missed you please can you email me). This also takes into account Grade 12 lessons (last day)

MS/US Athletics day is on Wednesday 24th April and we look forward to sharing more information early next week.

It lasts the whole day with there being no Break for MS/US (please check your BTT)

Lunch will likely switch with PS as per last years event (To be confirmed)

If you are NOT teaching/in school this day please can you send me an email and I will amend the rota (you are most welcome to attend/support the event)

Lastly grade 10 will be actively supporting events this year and will help to run/operate them alongside our wonderful staff, sharing their expertise and understanding in a different way.

MS/US Athletics Day Allocations

MS/US Athletics Day Schedule

Many thanks in advance

Ben and Scott


NIS Grade 6-9 Swim Showcase – THIS Thursday 28th February)

Teachers/advisors please can you let students out of class 10 minutes early in time for blocks 2 and 4 so that they can get changed.

Teachers are welcome to watch and support; supervision not needed.

ALL students are expected to participate in the event and ‘showcase’ some of the learning and skills that you have been working upon throughout the unit.

This is the LAST part of the ‘formative’ assessment for Criteria C (Applying and Performing) in the unit

All students are encouraged to bring a towel, wear a top and footwear to the pool (especially from the Green gym)

Block 1: Grade 8 (Students change in the swimming pool changing rooms)

Block 2: Grace 6  (Students change in the green gym changing rooms) Mr Dutton/Mr Stevens will guide you

Block 3: Grade 9 (Students change in the swimming pool changing rooms)

Block 4: Grade 7 (Students change in the green gym changing rooms) Mr Dutton/Mr Stevens will guide you (6B to watch Grade 7 and work on their project)

Block 5: Grade 9C to have regular PHE in the gym

Regular lessons resume in the gym on Friday 1st March

PC Laptop donation

Hi everyone,

We are asking if anyone has a PC Laptop (windows operating system) that they do not use and would like to donate to the PE department for Track and Field events (specific operating system)

Thanks for your consideration

Vegan Beauty Product Sampling for a Personal Project

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lucy and I will be in the staff lounge at the beginning of lunch to showcase some of her Personal Project items and she would love your feedback in how to develop and improve the products.

Please come over and spend a couple minutes of your time trying some of these Vegan Beauty Products.

Ben and Lucy

P.S The products include a Sea Salt Body Scrub, Moisturising Lip Oil and Hand lotion


Touch Rugby on Friday’s

Calling all Grade 8 -12 students and interested staff members to come and play/learn the wonderful game of Touch Rugby/Football.

We are looking to continue the CISSA season for Grade 8 students and build relationships in readiness for possible tournaments and next years ACAMIS team/s.

When: Fridays

Time: 15:15-16:30

Who: Grade 8 – Interested Teachers and all are welcome.

Athletics Day Schedule MS-US

Athletics Day Schedule MS-US-14x0mkf

TODAY! Wednesday April 25 is MS/US Athletics Day. We are flipping the lunch time, MS/US eat first, PS eat second.

Therefore, we will flip the contact teacher times as well.

That means:

Day 1 Lunch 2 people (Arsenio, Nick, Sunny P., Melody, Lee, Kylie, Lisa W., Peta, Jamie) you will do your exact duty only do it during LUNCH 1 (12:50-13:20).

 Day 1 Lunch 1 people (Darren, Luiz, Julie B., Cheryl, Juan, Olivia, Cherry, Danny, Rick, Angela F., Becky) you will do you same duty only do it during LUNCH 2 (13:20-13:50).

Athletics Day Schedule MS-US

Athletics Day Schedule MS-US-14x0mkf

Reminder that Lunch is ‘flipped’ on this day and so MS/US will have access to the cafeteria from 12:50-13:20

Track Events
Gr6 Gr7 Gr 8 Gr 9 Gr 10 Gr 11 
8.00 Homerooms – writing numbers on arms
8.10 House Meetings: Taiping – Green Gym, Wutaishan – MYPLGR, Xuanwu – Blue Gym
8.30 All students to the field – sit in bleachers or go to event
8.40 1500m 1500m 1500m 1500m 1500m 1500m
9.15 200m 200m
9.35 200m 200m
9.55 200m 200m
10.15 800m 800m 800m
10.35 800m 800m 800m
11.00 400m 400m
11.20 400m 400m
11.40 400m 400m
12.00 100m 100m
12.20 100m 100m
12.40 100m 100m
13:00 Lunch (12:50-13:20) Cafeteria
13.55 All athletes return to the track
14.00 100m Finals
14.20 4x100m relay 4x100m relay 4x100m relay
14.25 4x100m relay 4x100m relay 4x100m relay
14.40 6x200m Relay
14:50 Staff Relay
15:00 Finish and Depart

Field Events

Gr 6 & 7

Gr 8 & 9

Gr 10 & 11

Homerooms – writing numbers on arms


House Meetings: Taiping – Green Gym, Wutaishan – MYPLGR, Xuanwu – Blue Gym


All students sit in bleachers or go to event

8.30 – 10.00 Long Jump and/or Triple Jump Shot Put and/or Javelin High Jump
10.00 – 11.30 High Jump Long Jump and/or Triple Jump Shot Put and/or Javelin
11.30 – 13.00 Shot Put and/or Javelin High Jump Long Jump and/or Triple Jump
13.00 – 13.55



All Athletes Return to Track for afternoon track relays


Grade 6-11 Sports Day Job Allocations (UPDATED)

Job Allocations and Descriptions

Teachers who are listed in bold are the lead person for that event. Please check your name is there only once (except relay exchange zone judges who will also have another role)

On This day Lunches will be ‘flipped’ with Grade 6-11 students having access to lunch first(12:50-13:20).

Duty teachers have been contacted by Marina with the change in times for duty!


Staff Member

High Jump (AM only)

1) Chris Galaty, Andrew Kay, +2 students

2) Michael Chesterman, Andrew Messom, +2 students

Long Jump (AM only)

Anthony Lee, Daewoo Lee +2 students

Triple Jump (AM only)

Francis Morin, Robin Hutchinson,+2 students

Shot Put (AM only)

1) Paul Underwood, Jean Yang,

2) Andy Romero, Sunny Wang

Javelin Throw (AM only)

1) Nick Baker, Angel Chen,+2 students

2) Laura Hernandez, Becky Law +2 students

Time-Keepers Team A

Blocks 1-2

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad, Rebecca Creme, Katie Ham, Arden Tyoschin, Amy Keus, Cheryl Moen, Angela Romero (until 10:15)

+3 students

Time-Keepers Team B

Blocks 3-4

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad, Minza Usman-Snyder, Arsenio Orteza, Angela Fox, Christel Droulez, Triona Ryan, Grace Kim  +3 students

Time-Keepers Team C

Block 5

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad, Rebecca Creme, Katie Ham, Minza Usman-Snyder, Arsenio Orteza, Angela Fox, Christel Droulez, Triona Ryan

Cheerleaders/Support/Student supervisor

Kasson Bratton, Juan Savedra, Gretchen Galaty


Danny Clarke

Start Marshalls

Ruth Clarke (1-2) Sam Brown (3-4) Ben Dutton (5)

Results Checker

Sarah Merrylees

Finish Marshall

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad


Vicki Hong + Grace Jiang

Relay exchange zone judges (PM only)

Nick Baker (1), Chris Galaty (2), Anthony Lee (3)

House Leaders

Michael Chesterman, Rob Battye, Robin Marsh,


Eleven Hu/Cynthia Liu


Nikolai Joyce


Rick Fischl

Student supervisor

Gretchen Galaty/Kris Bezzerides/Sarah Thawley

Student Volunteer & Field Events Coordinator

Andrei Tyoschin, Ben Dutton

Logistics/operating system

Andrei Tyoschin, Grace Jiang

Referee/Event Manager

Ben Dutton

Student Helpers

TBC – Grade 11/Injured students

There is a lunch-break for everyone at 1pm – 2pm. There is no morning break, the events run straight through to lunch and again after lunch. (100m finalists should return earlier and be prepared to run at 14:00)

Please email Ben if you have any ‘clashes’ or any issues with the allocations. If you are an event leader and slightly unsure what to do come and have a chat with Andrei or Ben

Thanks in advance for your support, enthusiasm and collaboration.

Grade 6-10 Swimming Showcase

Grade 6-10 PHE Swimming Showcase


Aim: To showcase your learning from the swimming unit through 3 different activities and survival scenarios in a non-competitive environment.


When: Tuesday 27th March 2018 (Day 2)


Block 1Grade 9 @08:10-09:10

Change in the Swimming Pool changing rooms

Block 2Grade 8 @09:10-10:10

Change in the BLUE gym changing rooms

Block 3Grade 7 @10:30-11:30

Change in the Swimming Pool changing rooms

Block 4Grade 6 @11:30-12:30

Change in the BLUE gym changing rooms

Block 5Grade 10 @ 13:30-14:30

Change in the Swimming Pool changing rooms


What next?

  • Check when your showcase is and record somewhere (phone/calendar/write on your hand)
  • Bring your swimming costume, goggles, swim caps, a towel and wear shorts and a house/NIS t-shirt to the pool side
  • Bring an open-mind, risk-taking approach and be ready to show off all that you have learned within the unit
  • If you have any question’s please see your PHE teacher or a member of the Swim team

Recycling used glass bottles/jars for an x-block project

Dear NIS community,
For my X-block project I’m researching how to make scented and different themed candles I was wondering if instead of buying new jars to recycle and ask this amazing community if anyone is willing to recycle their glass bottles/jars.

The bottles/jars can be different sizes (preferably not taller than 20 cm and not to wide, different shapes and colors)

There will be a box in front of the library beginning week 15. Please you can drop off your bottles/jars there.

I will finish collecting the jars on Friday the 24 at 4: 15.
Thank you,
Sara Paruta

30 Day Exercise Challenge

Hello NIS community,

Come and join Grade 5 as they undertake a 30 day challenge to become more active, and responsible for their health and wellbeing. This starts on Wednesday 1st March (TODAY!)

We are following a schedule that can be found in the link below. Students, siblings and parents will get active together by choosing a one of the levels to complete for each day.

30 day challenge-2b5w0l9

You can also find the daily exercise on the PE noticeboard so come on down and get active with your students/children.

If you would like to know more, please speak to the Grade 5 students or come and see me.

Have a great 30 days ahead.

Mr Dutton

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