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Girls’ Open Gym


There is no open gym on account of badminton tournament. Next week it’s back on! Sorry!
Coach Barder

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CMB Notice

Dear all,

CMB will CLOSE on April 5, 6 and OPEN on April 7


uring Tomb Sweeping Day holiday.

Grace Song

End of the Year Party

Want to help out with the end of the year party?

We are looking for someone to head the social and presentation aspects of the committee.

Arek and his team will take care of:

  • Catering
  • Location and setup
  • AV

Please talk with Tom Johnson to tell express your interest.

ELL PD opportunity

Grade level and subject area teachers….do you want to know more about how to support your English language learning students? Apply to the PD committee for this great opportunity to attend the ACAMIS ELL Conference with me!

Grade 12 Teacher Photo

Last chance to be in the Grade 12 Book.

Quick photo shoot of teachers who missed the Grade 12 teacher photo during inset.

Friday 10.35 am.

In front of the PAC’s red doors.


Anna Yuen

Door – Out of Service

Dear all,

Please see the picture below:

The glass door next to PYP yard to PAC building is closed due to maintenance. Please use other entrances to instead.

We will reopen it as soon as it is repaired.

Thanks for your understanding.

Facility Team

CMB Notice

Dear all,

CMB will CLOSE on February 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 and OPEN IN LIMITED HOURS on February 15 & 19.

Any application for telegraphic transfer will NOT be processed at CMB during CNY from February 15 to February 21.

Grace Song

Become Courageous – Week 18

How might we create opportunities for the NIS community to be courageous?

In week 18, a stage environment in front of the library will have the following play/experiment/learn items:

  • Monday – Hula Hoops
  • Tuesday – Simple DJ equipment
  • Wednesday – Juggling Balls
  • Thursday – Art Easels and Supplies
  • Friday – Piano

Courageous learners and creators are invited to enjoy and interact with any articles on the stage.

They will be filmed with the purpose for review by the prototype team to see if activities should be scaled or ditched.


This prototype is inspired by Sugata Mitra’s 1999 Hole in the Wall experiment.

Computers were placed in a slum in Kalkaji, Delhi to enable

unsupervised access, informal, public, self-guided and collaborative work

to synergize through creative and courageous play.



The Courageous Prototype Team

Welcome Notice from Yadong

Dear all,

This notice is sending on behalf of Yadong Team:

We welcome our new Cleaning supervisor – Amilly Zhang to join Yadong team @ NIS from this week. She will be in charge of cleaning, landscaping and team training.

Best Wishes,


Display cabinets in stock

Dear all,

Please find attached pictures about display cabinets with small spotlights. 12 in total, two are 3 layers, others are 4 layers.

Please fill a yellow form by Dec. 8th if you would like to have them for your classroom or somewhere in school. First come first served.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Wishes,

Amy Yang

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