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Student Council Survey – FCD

Dear students,

Your advisory liaison should ask you 3 questions today or tomorrow and forward your answers on the Student Council WeChat.

1- How did you find the FCD workshops last week?
2- What could have been done to improve them?
3- Do you think this information will help you change your mind towards these kinds of substances?

If you prefer, you can email your opinions and suggestions directly to us.

Thank you.

Angela Chen, Luigi Pizzolito and Runzhi Gu
The Wellness Committee @ the Student Council 

Student Council Survey – New Students

Dear students,

If s/he didn’t last week, your advisory liaison should ask you 3 questions today and forward your answers on the Student Council WeChat.

1- How has the transition into NIS been going?
2- Has the Ambassador Program been helpful for you? Why?
3- What could have been done to improve your transition?

If you prefer, you can email your opinions and suggestions directly to us.

Thank you.

Hibah Siddiqui & Paul Meyer
The Advisory Committee
 @ the Student Council 

The Student Council needs you




  • 刺绣 – 捏陶人                      
  • 空竹/扯铃
  • 大毛笔书法 – 风筝                          
  • 武术
  • 中国扇绘画 – 编织中国结              
  • 踢毽子
  • 京剧化妆 – 中国魔术                
  • 打陀螺
  • 中国美术 – 纸影戏                      
  • 中国乐表演
  • 剪纸艺术 – 糖画                         
  • 广场舞





Dear Parents,

I am Willy Wang, a president of the NIS Student Council.
On April 28, we will have a huge event : China Day. We wish to invite our talented Chinese neighbors (students, teachers, retired people, etc.) to our school.

We really need your help to find the people who are willing to share the Chinese culture with us. If you know anyone who does the following examples, could you please email us?

  • Chinese Embroidery
  • Dough Figurines                  
  • Juggling Diablo
  • Calligraphy
  • Dragon Kites                        
  • Chinese Kung-Fu
  • Chinese Fan Decoration
  • Knot-knitting                      
  • Kicking Shuttlecock
  • Beijing Opera Make-up
  • Magic Tricks                        
  • Spinning Top
  • Chinese Art – Puppet Show                      
  • Chinese Music
  • Paper Cutting
  • Sugar Painting                    
  • Square Dancing

Please send it to my mail:

Thank you so much for your help.

Willy Wang

Student Council Questions-Week 5

Good morning,

Your advisory liaison should ask you 3 questions today or tomorrow and forward your answers to the Student Council.

Topic this week : Express your opinions about the cafeteria and make suggestions

Thank you.

Hibah Siddiqui and Paul Meyer
The Student Council

Student Council Camp

Dear teachers,

On Friday, September 1, Student Council will have its annual Student Council Camp.
Students are to report to the third floor of the Centre, in the board meeting roomimmediately after checking in with advisors at 8 am.
All MYP/DP Student Council members will be missing Extended Advisory and Block One to attend this camp. Students will be back in classes at 9:40 am, for Block Two.

Grade 12:  Willy, Sarah 

Grade 11:  Hibah, Runzhi, Alicia 

Grade 10:  Angela, Winston, Zhen (Michelle)  

Grade 9:  Paul, Yoonji, Luigi  

Grade 8:  Amy, Yunchae (Chloe) 

Grade 7:  Chi (Summer)

Grade 6:  Victoria  

Thank you very much and have a nice week!
Sarah Nappi and Willy Wang

Student Council elections

Hello, Grade 6 to 9 Students!

This week in Advisory, you will be voting for your grade’s Student Council representative! 

Your advisor will provide you with a ballot to vote and your advisory liaison will then email results to

Select one student from your own grade you feel would best advocate for what other students need. These students should be hard-working and excited to be involved in the community. 

Please write down the student’s name and grade on the piece of paper provided to you.

We had a couple volunteers so if you would like to vote for one of them, they are listed below. 
Grade 6 : Victoria Warm
Grade 9 : Yoonji Chae

If not, select students you feel would be best qualified for the position.

If you are elected to Student Council, you will be contacted and asked if you would be interested in the position. Student Council meetings will be at lunch on Tuesdays.

Happy voting!
Sarah Nappi & Willy Wang

Join the Student Council

Hello Grade 6~9 students!
Do you want to help the school?
Do you want to be your classmates’ voice?
Do you want to work on some great projects!
Are you free on Tuesdays from 12.30 to 1.10pm?
Join the Student Council !!!
If you are interested, please email with your name and grade before Saturday, August 19, 2:00p.m.
We will then compile a list of volunteers which your classmates and you will pick from to elect to Student Council.
Elections will take place in your Advisory on Tuesday or Wednesday, August 22-23.
Willy Wang & Sarah Nappi
Student Council Presidents

Advisory Liaison Elections

Dear advisors and students,

If you have not done it yet, please elect a representative in your advisory.

Please email us all results by Thursday 17, 9 a.m.   – Grades 6 to 9   – Grades 10 to 12

Please specify:
Name of the advisory  (e.g. Mr. X, 6-7)
Name of the representative  (e.g. Andy Smith)

Thank you very much,

Willy and Sarah, Presidents of the Student Council

Student Council elections

Dear advisors and students,

We hope that you had an amazing summer.

The Student Council have already started to think of all the fun activities we will organize for you!

It is important for us to hear your voice!

Next week each advisory should elect one advisory liaison.
Starting September, the advisory liaison will be receiving a few survey questions weekly to ask their advisory and will report the result back to us. 

Please find time each week for a 3 minute-Student Council announcement or survey.

If you want to be a Student Council member, tell your friends in your Grade. The Student Council Member Elections will take place in 2 weeks.

Willy Wang and Sarah Nappi
Presidents of the Student Council 

Attention All Students Grades 6-11 !

Are you interested in being a part of Student Council next year?

Maybe you’re ready to take on a leadership position?!?

There are still four open positions for Committee Leaders:
  • Wellness Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Assembly Committee
Please email or if you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions!
Thank you!
Sarah and Willy 
2017-18 Student Council Presidents

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