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Shower Time Survey

One design G9 student has experimented with the concept of creating a social network in order to help people improve shower time to minimize water waste.
He would like to put it to the test by challenging you.
It is explained on this website:
After trying it out please provide feedback answering this quick survey:
Thank you for your time, happy showering!


Join CISSA and ACAMIS Table Tennis

Register on VERACROSS

CISSA:  G. 6-8: Tuesday 4:15 to 5:50 and Friday 3:15 to 4:15

ACAMIS: G. 9-12: Wednesday 3:15 to 4:15 and Friday 3:15 to 4:15

Talk to coaches if you have a conflict. You can still join as long as you can attend one of the practices–.

Coach Oliver Lietz and Coach Francis Morin

Table Tennis Fridays

Table tennis players with a desire to get better or just have fun with friends are invited to use the tables set in the green gym on Friday from 3:10 to 4:15. This is an open practice for students and staff. This activity starts on Friday March 24.

Fun Badminton Friday

The Fun Badminton Friday is expanding to include grade 6 to 12. It is an activity for students who already know how to play badminton. No need to sign in. Just show up at 16:15 on Fridays. it is in the Blue Gym. Ends at 17:45. Bring your racquet if you have one! Do not miss other activities. Staff welcome as well!

A message from Coach Morin and coach Watson.

Badminton for fun

Friendly badminton is starting on Friday August 19, 16:15 to 17:50

Where: Blue Gym

Who: Grade 9 to 12 and staff

When: Every Friday 16:15 to 17:50

Bring your racquet and gym shoes


June 14: BSH – NIS Collaboration

The following students will be off schedule during Block 2-3-4, Tuesday June 14

Lianna, Chloe, Cameron, Kostya, Rayan, Luke, Sofia B. , Justin, Alex C, Gabriel, Gustavo, Jorge, Catherine

 Willy,Boris, Shelley, Jing, Cesar and Luisa (grade 9)

Welcome to our  20 visitors from BSH!

Personal Project Launch

All students in grade 10 are required to attend a meeting during first part of lunch on Monday August 24th.

Where: Music Room (Ms Keus)

Why:  Setting your goal for the Personal Project (PP) or (PPP)

When: Aug. 24th. after block 4

Who: All Grade 10 Students

How: Cancel any other activity and be there!

Tell:  Remind everyone



Design Centre Cameras, SD cards and Tripods

Some cameras, tripods and many SD cards have not been returned to the Design Centre.  Please return all equipment borrowed from the Design Centre before Thursday 15:00. We will also accept any SD card you are willing to donate.


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