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MYP Swim Gala 2017

Pure fun, plenty of excitement and definitely wet! The next big battle between the houses is on this Thursday, 25 May, block 1-4 (day 4).


Check you school email for the following information:

  1. The Student Swim Gala information page
  2. Your house entries
  3. The swim program for the day.

On Thursday where do I go?

@ 7:55am to your regular Advisory

@ 8:05am to the Blue Gym – BE THERE BY 8:10am. GO sit with your house.

When do we go to the pool?

@ 8:30am with the rest of your house.


Cal in and see Ms Grace or Mark Shipley at the Gala Information board outside the Cafeteria at lunch, Wednesday 24 May, that’s tomorrow.



ACAMIS Swim Trip List

Please find the attached list of students who will be absent from school @ 3:15pm on Thursday March 23rd and whole day Friday March 24th for the ACAMIS Swim Meet in Suzhou.  They will miss Day 7. Thanks for your understanding.

ACAMIS Trip List-pv4j1p


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