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University Visits This Week

Attention grades 10 – 12  students:

March 18 City University Hong Kong at 9:30 in LGR during Life 101

March 18 Chinese University Hong Kong at 9:30 in LGR during Life 101

March 19 University of Pittsburgh at 12:30 lunch  in LGR



10-12 Life 101 Monday


Grade 10 (Attention) – Large Music Room (not cafeteria)

Grade 11 – Large Music Room

Grade 12 – 11/12 Lounge (important informational updates)

Dismiss Students on March 14 at 12:00

The following grade 10 and 11 students will be attending the SSIS University Fair on March 14, Day 6.  Please excuse the following students from your classes at 12:00:

Alice Z
Alina W
Claire Z
Eric Z
Helen J
Maggie Y
Sunny G
 Winner L
Ati U
Ato U
Felicity C
Luke C
Luke L
Maria B
Shuynag T
Winston Z


Ambassadors helping with Enrollment Day Jan 22

Please excuse the following students for Blocks 1 and 2

Day 4 on Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Dayeon Song  7

Phoebe Zhang 8

Isabella Chesterman 8

Chloe B 8

Kam Fei Cheung 8

Suyoung Bae 8

Erica Hwang 8

Emily Cheng 8

Summer Hsia 8

Jennifer Chen 8

Callum Webber 9

Amy Prickett 9

Angus Merryless 9

Sungho Park 9

Alice Zhang 10

Cameron Merryless 10

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