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Positive Parenting Workshop Wednesday at 8:15

Dear Parents,

Feeling overwhelmed by the daily needs of parenting or just want  to hear about a parenting program that may help you improve your parenting? Parent Planet is an organization based in Nanjing and has trained Triple P – Positive Parenting Program educators ready to help with your parenting needs.

We are fortunate to have them coming to school this Wednesday morning from 8:15 – 9:15 in the Large Meeting Room on the second floor to discuss their services and the Triple P approach to parenting.

Parents of children ages 2 – 16 welcome.

The Counseling Department








MS/US Assemblies

Good Morning, Middle School and Upper School students!

If you would like to be part of the MS/US Assembly agenda, such as, being the Master of Ceremony (MC), or perform, or do a skit,  or ride a unicycle, or perfect your speech and debate skills, or lead a mindfulness, or simply make an announcement, or anything else we are not thinking of…Contact Mrs. Galaty or Ms. Bezzerides.  They are your Assembly go-to people.

Have a great week!


Life 101 Today Tuesday Day 8

Hello grades 8-12.  Note the locations:

Grades 8 and 9 Black Box

Grade 10 Upstairs Cafeteria

Grade 11 Green Gym (with comfortable clothes and shoes)

Grade 12 MYP/LGR (Ms Anna will be taking some photos – wash your face and brush your hair!)

Life 101 Day 8 Tuesday, Nov 7

Hello grades 8-12.  Tomorrow we will have Life 101.  Please note a couple of location changes:

Grades 8 and 9 Black Box

Grade 10 Upstairs Cafeteria

Grade 11 Green Gym (with comfortable clothes and shoes)

Grade 12 MYP/LGR (Ms Anna will be taking some photos – wash your face and brush your hair!)


Baylor University from Texas at NIS Tuesday, Oct 31

Hello grade 9-12 students,

Baylor University, located in Texas, USA, is a private Christian university that has an extensive list of majors, some of which are; International Business, Journalism, Education, Computer Science, Art History, Exercise Physiology, Engineering, and that is just the first part of the alphabet!  There are about 15,000 undergraduate students, a high commitment to sports and athletics, and competitive scholarships for international students.

Stop by the MSUS/LGR on Tuesday, October 31st during break  to find out more.

University British Columbia Visit

UBC’s international admissions representative, Sven Clarke, will return to NIS on Monday, Oct 23rd at 12:50 in the MSUS/LGR.  Parents are welcome to come to the university visit to learn more about the programs offered and campus life of UBC

Life 101 Friday Day 8 Blk 2

Good morning,

Here is a reminder for Life 101 locations for Friday, Day 8 Blk 2

Grade 8: Black Box Digital Citizenship continued

Grade 9: Drama Classroom Digital Citizenship continued

Grade 10: Upstairs Cafeteria for PP

Grade 11: Large Music Room for EE

Grade 12: MYP/LGR for Work Week preparation

FCD Schedule Wednesday

8:15-9:15 Parent Coffee in the MS/US LGR

9:50-10:20 Grade 11 Boys Go to Black Box

9:50-10:20 Grade 11 Girls Go to Drama Classroom

10:40-11:10 10A Clarke’s Classroom

11:15-11:45 10B Snyder’s Classroom

11:50-12:20 6A Underwood’s Classroom

12:20-1:20 Drop In Welcome in Ms. Bezzeride’s Office

1:55-2:25 7A Bratton’s Class



FCD Tuesday Schedule

8:10-8:35 10C MS/US LGR (Tyoschin)

8:35-9:10 6B Underwood’s Classroom

9:15-9:40 6C Underwood’s Classroom

9:45-10:10 7C Bratton’s Classroom

10:35-11:00 8A O’Brien’s Classroom

11:05-11:30 8B Law’s Classroom

11:35-12:00 9A MS/US LGR (Tyoschin)

12:05-12:30 9B Underwood’s Classroom

1:35-2:00 8C Hutchison’s Classroom

2:05-2:30 7B Underwood’s Classroom

2:30 to 3:30  Students are welcome to stop by D 232 (Mrs. Galaty’s Office) to speak with Diana and Ian

FCD Drop In Schedule with Ian and Diana

Hello 6-12 students,

We just wanted to let you know that Ian and Diana will have drop-in times for the next three days:

Monday: D 232 at lunch in Mrs Galaty’s Office

Tuesday:  D 232 at lunch in Mrs. Galaty’s Office

Wednesday:  At lunch in Mrs. Bezzeride’s Office

Monday FCD Schedule Grades 6-12

8:00-8:10 Advisory

8:15-9:10 6-12 PAC Sit in Advisory

9:15-9:45 Grade 8 MS/US LGR

9:50-10:20 Grade 9 MS/US LGR

11:10-11:40 Grade 10 MS/US LGR

11:45-12:15 Grade 11 MS/US LGR (from Line 6)

12:20-12:50 Grade 12 MS/US LGR (from Line 1)

1:55-2:25 Grade 7 MS/US LGR

3:15-4:00 Staff Discussion MS/US LGR



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