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Exams clarification

All students should attend their normal block 2 lesson for quiet study. This is not time to be in the library, lounge or anywhere else but your classroom.

You can only attend activities in block 1 if you have signed for this,  if you do not have exam you should be in your classroom.

IB Diploma exams -G2 form (only for G12 teachers)

Every year the feedback we give as teachers to the IB helps the exams get better. There are always mistakes in the exams and it is important to point them out. This also helps our students as questions that were unclear can be corrected. This year the G2 form comes as a survey. As you receive the exams from me, please take some time to complete the survey. See the notice form the IB below. You can also find this information on ‘My IB’ .

“The links for the teacher’s comments on examination papers form is now available. This year, you will find some additional questions regarding the accessibility of the examination papers to students with special educational needs and for all candidates regarding gender, religion and ethnicity. There is also an additional field where teachers can fill in their own email address and when completed this will generate an email summary of the form for their records. This field, along with the teacher’s name field and the Diploma Programme coordinators email address field, are all optional so there is no need to complete them unless the teacher or their IB coordinator requires a record of the form.

Thank you for supporting this important process.”

Survey link:

Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony & Dinner

Dear All

Many thanks to the staff that has contacted me regarding the ceremony. If I do not hear from you by the end of the day today I am assuming you are not coming. I am finalising catering numbers.

Many thanks

March 21 PP Exhibition MS/US visit schedule

Dear All

Many thanks for your support of the PP. On March 21st (Day 6) G10s are expecting you to come and visit their exhibition. To avoid congestion during the exhibition please accompany your students following this schedule. You do not need to spend the whole lesson in the PAC  two grades from MS/US are scheduled in each block.

Block 1 : G11 and 12

Block 2: G8 and 9

Block 3:  G6 & 7

Primary School visits are :

8:10-9:30 G5
9:30-10:10 G4
10:30-11:10 G3

Many thanks for your support of the G10 PP.

Mock Exams

If the barriers are across the corridor please use an alternative way to your class. Thanks for your understanding.

G11 & 12 Lounge

It is not nice to see a fantastic initiative of festive decorations ruined by careless people leaving their mess around. Yesterday I had to clean the mess left in the lounge at the end of the day. This is a reminder that your exit privileges at lunch can be lost. G11 & 12 are not allowed to bring food from outside into the lounge (or the school!).  The reason is simple we have a no nuts policy and you cannot guaranty the food you purchase outside is nut free. So NO MacDonald’s or  fried rice or any food from outside please. If you are using plates and cutlery from the cafeteria please return them.

For your information, the graffiti wall will be cleaned over the holidays.


Help for G12 Student Psychology Internal Assessment

Dear All please consider helping Anabelle in G12  by watching the short video and completing a short survey (5 questions)

I’m conducting an experiment online for my Psychology Internal Assessment. If you are willing to participate and have time please take a few minute to:
→watch the video linked in the survey description ONCE;
→answer the remaining question base on your memory of it, there is no correct answer.

Thank you so much, here is the link:


Best regards,
Annabelle Wang


Dear students in G7-11

Please see attached the exam schedule for the semester 1 exams. Exams run from December 4-8  (week 17 days 3-7). Unless stated in the schedule, exams happen during your normal classes and usual rooms.

More information coming soon regarding activities (what is on offer and how to sign -up). DO NOT print the exam, add reminders in your calendar.

2017 December Exams-295yx8e

FCD week 7

Dear Staff

FCD will be visiting our school during week 7 (Monday-Wednesday). This affects classes in G6-12. We will also be in the second week of MAP testing during week 7. NIS is a busy school!

Please see the schedule for the FCD visit. Teachers please be aware FCD will come to your classroom for the sessions. Please check the schedule as sessions with big numbers do have other locations. If this is the case, please take your students  there. No teachers are allowed in the FCD/Student sessions. The half block sessions come as feedback from FCD. Let’s see how this works.

Thanks for your flexibility.

FCDSCHEDULE (Final)-16btsps



G11 Diploma Orientation Camp

This is an advanced notice to all teachers in G11. As per printed calendar, next week on August 23 & 24 (Days 2 & 3) G11 will be off campus in the G11 Orientation Camp.


Graduation Ceremony and Dinner

Dear Staff

If you would like to attend the Graduation Ceremony and Dinner please email me. There is limited seating, as the PAC is set for dinner and we have 35 graduates with their families. I would love to have representation from all sections of the school.

When: May 20 @ 6:00 pm, Formal Dress, PAC Theatre


G7-11 Exam Schedule

Please see and check the exam schedule attached. Activities for this semester will only run in Block 3. More information on activities available shortly, signing up will be on Veracross.

If you do not have an exam, unless is is indicated in the schedule or you have signed up for an activity, you should go to your normal classes. Block 2 all week is a designated as a quiet study period in your normal subject lesson for the day.

On Friday May 19 bock 2 is a Life 101. May Exams 2017-2dwlk1f

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