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Your help is appreciated.

If this sign is outside D248, D218 or D221 there are exams running. Please help me by reminding your students to keep the noise to a minimum when transitioning between classes. I will place the sign inside the classrooms when there are no exams running. Many thanks!

IB Diploma exams -Silence Please

If you see this sign outside D248 (MUN room) , D218 (next to Mr Battye’s room) or D221 (Mr. Anthony Lee’s room) it means there are exams running. NIS is an inclusive learning community and some students taking the IB Diploma have either extra time, the use of a computer, a reader or a combination of these accommodations. They also need a different room for their exams. Please help them by keeping the noise to minimum. Many thanks for your help! Exams start at 8:00 am in the mornings and at 1:00 pm in the afternoons.

Activities during exam week

Day one…check!

Day two…get ready as activities are officially here. IF you signed for activities on Veracross please proceed in block one to…

Yoga>>>Dance Studio (third floor centre, thanks to Myroslava Kuntner)

Volleyball>>>Gym (Mr Clarke)

Crossfit>>>Gym (Mr T.)

Lane swimming(@the swimmingpool in the centre thanks to Mr Shipley)


During block two if you signed up on Veracross Mrs Galaty is offering Mindfulness/Meditation in room D208


Ellie’s farewell assembly on Nov 25

Dear All

Ellie in G12 is having a farewell assembly on Nov 25. K2’s will be presenting her with a poster. If any member of staff in Primary  would like to attend this assembly please let me know.



Juan is away this week

I am in Chongqing this week in accreditation visit. Please see Kasson for any G10-12 issues or Marina for any duty related issues.

Library first half of lunch

The library is a space used by all of us. In the library we can research, read, or do some work. However MYP students are abusing this space and are using it to hangout during first half of lunch. This becomes critical in days like yesterday when it is raining outside. If it is raining (or on high pollution days) it is ok to go upstairs in the cafeteria during first half of lunch. Please do not go to the library unless you have some work, reading or research to do. Computer games are not allowed in the library at all, we have a different space in school for this.

Mess in the cafe

G10 in particular are letting us down by leaving the cafe in a terrible state at the end of lunch. A reminder to clean after yourself and remind others to clean after themselves. Visiting the cafe at lunch is a privilege I can easily take away from G10s. You have been warned!



This is a polite reminder to all teachers in MYP/DP to  post assignments, tests, projects, home learning, etc  on Veracross with a description of the task and any relevant handouts by 4:00 pm the day they are assigned.

Clarification about Duty times

Dear staff, please see duty times for clarification. Some teachers are arriving late to release Lunch 1 duty teachers. I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings.

Lunch 1 ( Monday, Wednesday, Thursday): 12:50-1:20 pm

Lunch 2 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday): 1:20-1:50 pm


Lunch 1 (Tuesday): 12:30 – 1:00 pm   Lunch 2 (Tuesday) 1:00- 1:30 pm


Lunch 1 (Friday) 1:00- 1:30pm    Lunch 2 (Friday) 1:30- 2:00 pm


Dear Staff

I will not make any changes to duties, apologies for any inconvenience, but I cannot accommodate all requests. However, please be aware that swapping your duty with a colleague can still be done.


Dear All

Duties start today. Attached is the duty schedule for the first semester. I understand this has been shared quite late and you might want to swap your duty. This is still possible of course, please email me and the person you are swapping with and clearly let me know the swap. Returning staff most of you on are two duties, returning TA’s you are on only one duty. New members of staff and new TAs you do not have duties this semester. The names of the duties have changed slightly but I hope are clearer (thanks Marina for your input on this). Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the medical alerts for students (in the staff lounge bulletin board).

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