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Posters around school

Please remember posters around school should only be placed on bulletin boards prior authorisation. No posters should be placed on doors, walls or columns as the bluetag or tape damage the paint.

Duties Wednesday-Friday

I will be away in the IB Asia-Pacific conference. Marina is kindly taking care of duties in my absence, so please email her any duty related mail.

G12 Mock Exams

Mock exams run from today until March 25. Please do not use the corridor in front of the MYP LGR. Thanks for your understanding, and good luck to the G12s.

NEW Appraisal committee

Interested in forming part of the committee to review the appraisal process for next year? We are looking for representation across the school. Please contact me by Friday March 6 if you would like to join Danny, Bob and myself in this exciting opportunity.

Student shadowing

Today I will be shadowing a student in G10 the whole day. That means I am not wearing a tie (yeah!) and for today I am a student in G10. If you see me around please ignore me unless you need to say something to a G10 student 🙂

This idea came from an article written by Grant Wiggins in his blog, and is part of our strategy prototyping. I want to gain  a deeper understanding of our students’ routines and learning experiences. I hope to see our school with a student’s eyes. I will share my day and thoughts at a later date…wish me luck.


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