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TODAY Yearbook Mugshots

Individual (mugshot) photos of all students/staff will be taken today in room C128 (Mr. Rinker’s old design room near┬áPre-K). Please look at the schedule for your grade level photo time.


Yearbook Photo Day

New students (and students and staff members who missed the first semester photo day) will have their individual yearbook mugshots taken on Wednesday, February 24, Week 23, Day 2. The photographer will also be taking the homeroom group photos. Details will be given during INSET, but mark the date on your calendar TODAY.

Yearbook-Submit NOW! Please.

You know the drill. Add your photos to the Yearbook Submissions folder on teacher large storage before you leave for winter break. Trip Week submissions were due on NOVEMBER 9 and only two grade levels have submitted anything. Deadlines for some sports and school activities have also passed. Remember, students are creating this book and if they can’t get photos from the staff members in a timely manner, it will put more pressure on the students. Not fair, is it? Thanks, and have a great holiday!Yearbook Submissions Information

Yearbook Individual Mugshots on Wednesday, Oct. 28

Teachers: Please look at the attached schedule for information concerning photo day. PYP classes should be lined up according to the ID number list (in your pigeon hole) and MYP/DP students should come directly to the PYP LGR where Stine will put them in the correct order. PYP teachers need to bring the list with them to the photo session to give to Stine. Advisory teachers should make sure that their students know when to go for photos. MYP/DP students will be photographed in grade level groups according to A,B,C (“fire evacuation groups”) and need to be in the PYP LGR at least 3 minutes prior to their photo time. Thank you.Yearbook mugshot Oct 2015 Schedule 1

Photo submissions for yearbook

Dear Staff:

Please look at the attached information letter explaining what is needed from each homeroom, subject area, coach, event coordinator, etc. for the yearbook. Deadlines for each submission are included. Please adhere to the deadlines so that our editors and yearbook team members can budget their time efficiently. They are students first and ASA members second. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for your help and understanding.Yearbook Submissions Information

Yearbook homeroom group photos and individual mugshots

Please put it on your calendar that the photographer will be at school on Wednesday, March 4. He will be taking individual mugshots of new students and will also be taking the homeroom group photos. Details will be given during INSET. Please e-mail me a.s.a.p. if there are any conflicts or requests concerning specific homerooms. Thanks.

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