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Reminder and Request

Good Morning All,

Reminder: Normal schedule today, Tuesday Schedule is no more. The bells should be changed, but please monitor the time just in case.

Request: Could teachers on campus please pop over to the Cafeteria during the first 1/2 of lunch for the staff temperature check from now on? This will enable Ruth and Kasson to get right on BTT during Lunch 2.

Many thanks,



Goodbye, Tuesday Schedule!

Hello Students,

Because we missed you so much, we’ve decided to add a little time each Tuesday for the rest of the year. Starting tomorrow all, Tuesdays will run on the normal schedule. This means the school day will finish at 3:00pm. There is NO CHANGE to the Friday schedule.

Welcome back and have a great day!




#PubPDasia: Virtual School Chat Tonight 6pm Nanjing Time

#PubPDasia is a fun, informative, and interactive synchronous Twitter chat around relevant topics relating to learning in international schools. Typically the idea is that groups from schools meet up at a local pub/restaurant and have a conversation about a particular topic, both in reality and the by sharing ideas with other groups via the Twitter-sphere by using the #PubPDasia (we’ve done this a few times in the past here at NIS, well… Motu). Due to the fact that many schools/pubs are closed, they are running the chat as an open forum to anyone around the world on the topic of “virtual school.” All you need to do is log onto your Twitter account at 6pm Nanjing time and follow/contribute to the #PubPDasia hashtag. A cool way to connect around a pertinent topic from your sofa. All are welcome!

Student Surveys Grades 3-12

Hello Students in Grades 3-12,

Our annual student surveys will be administered by your teachers beginning this week. This is an important opportunity for you to give your teachers honest, anonymous, and confidential feedback on your classroom experience. It’s also a chance to flex student voice in your learning! In other words, each survey is important, so give them you best effort (yes, even if you end up doing more than one!). Thanks!

Students…Break Tomorrow

Hello Superstar Students,

Tomorrow’s Break will last from 10:05am-10:30am. An FYI that the football pitch, bamboo forest, and gaming room will be closed. Thanks for your help with this. Also, a reminder that school finishes at 11:00am tomorrow as well.


The schedule is here as a reminder. Have a great day!

Tomorrow’s Schedule Update

Hello All,

A slight adjustment has been made to tomorrow’s schedule out of respect for the annual anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre. The plan is to delay the break until approximately 10:05am, after the symbolic air raid siren at 10:01am concludes. Please keep students in class until the siren finishes sounding. At that point students are welcome to go to break and teachers are invited to the staff lounge for some last-school-day-of-2019 treats. Our leadership team will cover break-time teaching.

Also of note is that the only NIS “bells” that will sound tomorrow should be the 7:55am “get to class!” bell and the 11:00am dismissal. Beyond that it will be up to all of us to help students move between Homerooms/Advisories, assemblies, and Break based upon the schedule.

Many thanks for your efforts!

Student Access to Campus Reminder

Students… Please take a look at this helpful document as a reminder of when you can and cannot be present on the NIS campus.

Teachers… Please take a look at this helpful document as a way to help remind our students of when they can and cannot be present on the NIS campus.

Parents… Please take a look at this helpful document as a way to help remind your children of when they can and cannot be present on the NIS campus.

Spoiler alert… It’s all the same helpful document. Happy Tuesday!

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