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25th Anniversary Information

Hello 25’ers,

Please find the very close to final schedule, class pairings, top tips, and a sample of the four elements each group will be responsible for on Friday in preparation for the 25th celebration. The idea is that each combined group will have one year from NIS History to celebrate. Because each combined group is around 25 students (PS HR + MS/US ADV), they will divide into four “committees”  to complete four distinct tasks related to that year with us as teachers providing support.

After about two hours of preparation on the day (with celebratory cupcakes and Break to, well, break things up), each combined group will present in the Gym at 1:30pm before moving through the rest of the afternoon’s events. Note: The attached instructions are a sample. Each combined group will have its own year, photo, and theme. Each committee’s tasks, however, are generally the same.

Please see Kasson, Katie, Ruth, Adam, Paul U., and/or Laurie with questions. If you notice any errors or omissions please let Kasson know ASAP!

Thanks in advance for your efforts, school spirit, and joie de vivre!

Ps. Don’t forget to encourage students to wear their NIS gear on the day. Top-Tip: Have students bring in their NIS attire throughout the week so they are not left out on the day! This goes for us too! 


Code Blue TODAY at 9:55am

A reminder that we will have a Code Blue Lockdown Drill today at 9:55am. The procedure was communicated on a (orange) handout last week. Please prepare our students as needed.

Many Thanks.


Tuesday Morning Briefing: Week 7

An FYI that we will plan to move our usual Monday Briefing to Tuesday’s Break next week (25/9). That’s 10:10am Tuesday in the usual place. BTTs, please BTT as usual.

Thanks and enjoy the long weekend!


Friday, September 28th Schedule

Hello All,

Please find the very-close-to-final draft schedule for our 25th Anniversary Celebration next Friday. The gist of the day is a completely collapsed schedule with a morning of creation, community, and cupcakes and an afternoon of presentation, celebration, and excitation. The only preparation students and staff need to do is to begin to plan out their NIS attire for the day (T-shirts available via Samantha!)

More details to come next Tuesday. It the meantime, let the excitement build as we prepare to be enshrined in NIS History!


MS/US MAP Plan for Today

Hello Cartographers (well, sort of!),

Please see the MS/US MAP schedule for the next two weeks here and today’s plan for Grade 6 and 7 below. Everyone else in the MS/US is on an Extended Block One today. Enjoy!

6 & 7

Thursday, Sept. 20

Day Four

Extended Block 1 









Mr. Winstanley

Ms. Merrylees

Mr. Snyder

Mr. Hammond

Mr. Coad

Mr. Underwood

Mr. Winstanley’s classroom

Ms. Merrylees classroom

Mr. Snyder’s classroom

Mr. Hammond’s classroom

Mr. Coad’s Classroom

Mr.Underwood’s Classroom



Coming Soon: Extended Block Ones!

Hello MS/US Early Risers,

Have you ever wanted Block One to go on forever?

Have you wished for more time with you dear Block One classmates?

Wonder what it would be like to spend 25 extra minutes taking it all in?

Well your wait is nearly over! On the dates below, we will extend ALL Grade 6-12 Block One classes to make space for our MAP testing. Does this mean a shorter Block 2, yes. Can we deal with it, absolutely!

Extended Block Ones will be featured for ALL Grade 6-12 students:

Tuesday, September 18th

Thursday, September 20th

Tuesday, September 25th

Wednesday, September 26th

Thursday, September 27th



Countdown Mornings in Library Foyer

Hello All,

We’ll be counting down to 25 every morning this month in the Library Foyer. Please feel free to bring along your classes/Advisories/yourselves to witness the spectacle of a 8:07am “rip” each day by one of our students and one of our colleagues.

Hope to see you then!

Professional Development One-Stop Shop

Hello All,

Please find the attached one-pager on how to subscribe to our NIS PD Edublog and receive daily updates. You can also check the PD Edublog any time via the edublog home page. Take a look and scroll back through the posts that have already been..well..posted!

Once you find something of interest, please complete this form (also found in the trusty Staff Folder) and send to your relevant Head of Section (Adam, Ruth, or Katie). Your application will then come before the PD Committee and Kasson will let you know the outcome. It’s that simple!

Go forth and PD!


Tearing Toward 25!

Hello Lions,

Come along to the Library Foyer this morning (and every September school-morning) at 7:55am to witness the “Countdown to 25.” Here we go!

This Week’s Countdown Crew:



Student (Grade) Staff Member
Monday, Sept. 3rd 25 Mia Raviolo (3A) Laurie McLellan
Tuesday, Sept. 4th 24 Eliana Dodge (4B) Adam Dodge
Wednesday, Sept. 5th 23 Will Felton (6B) Julia Zhang
Thursday, Sept. 6th 22 Yoonji Chae (10B) Mal Coad
Friday, Sept. 7th 21 Hanako Maresca (2A) Holly Wang


The Countdown Begins Monday!

On Monday morning we will begin the countdown to our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Each morning one lucky student and one member of staff will assist in this endeavor by, well, literally counting down!

Curious? Just pay a little extra attention when you walk into school Monday morning!