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MS/US Assembly Tomorrow!

Hello Middle and Upper School Superstars,

We will have an action-packed assembly tomorrow at the usual time in the usual place with the usual expectations.

See you there, on-time, sans backpacks and devices!


MUN Room Clean-Out

Hello All,

D248, otherwise known as the “MUN Room” will begin a repurposing on Friday, March 24th. The Maths teacher and MUN supervisors have done a great job removing relevant materials, now it’s your turn. Please consider this a “last call” for any and all materials in this space. Highlights include notepads, water bottles, and a mountain of shredded paper!



Ready, Set, Cook! Today!

Hello Grade 6/7 Students,

It’s back for another season at NIS…!

Today, Block 5, In the PAC three House teams from Grades 6 & 7 will battle in a cook-off hosted by a celebrity chef! How awesome is that!

What 6th and 7th Graders need to do today:

-Eat lunch early. You can enter the cafeteria at 12:45pm!

-Leave your bag in your locker. For reals.

-Go potty.

-Be seated in the PAC at 1:2opm ready to have a blast!

See you there!


Grade 6 Grounded

The Privilege: Grade 6 gets to use the Upstairs of our lovely cafeteria…

The Responsibility: To use this space, all students need to clean-up after themselves, respect the furniture, and generally act in a caring, principled way.

The Issue: This is not happening with many of our Grade 6 students…

The Consequence: Grade 6 are NOT allowed in the upstairs of our lovely Cafeteria for the rest of the month.

The Hope: These extra few weeks of brain development will lead to increased maturity and responsibility!

The Complaints:  See Mr. Bratton


Assessment Support

Need assistance differentiating and scaffolding assessments?

Rick and our English language acquisition teachers remain ready to help. They are eager to collaborate with you at your convenience to craft superior, accessible assessments (though they are not volunteering to help grade them!). 

Get in touch today!

-Your Friendly Middle School Student Support Team


Personal Project Exhibition Visits Today!

Hello MS/US Students,

Please see the schedule below to find out when you’ll be visiting today’s PP exhibition by the Grade 10’s. You will GO TO CLASS FIRST, then your teacher will take you to the PAC for some of the Block to check out the capstone project of the MYP!

Please ask good questions and see as many projects as you can. Grade 9’s, this will be you next year!

See you there!

Middle School Visits Primary Production…TODAY!

Hello Grade 6-9 Live Theatre Fans!

Grade 6-9 students should report to the PAC directly from Extended Advisory this morning. You should STOW YOUR BAGS neatly in your Advisory and retrieve them directly after the show.

We expect “What a Knight!” to begin at 8:45am conclude between 10-10:15am. At this point, you will retrieve you belongings and head directly to you BLOCK 2 class. All you need to bring is a positive attitude and your best theatre etiquette. Mr. Bratton has purchased your tickets. You’re welcome!

Thanks and enjoy the show!

Life 101 Today!

Hi Again Grade 7-11 Rockstars!

Your next round of Life 101 starts TODAY at the usual time. See below for locations:

Grade 7: Sex Ed: Upstairs Cafeteria – Mr. Bratton/Ms. Bezzerides

Grade 8: Nutrition: Upstairs Design Center: Mr. Dutton

Grade 9:Managebac: Drama Classroom: Mr. Hutchinson

Grade 10: Police Talk: Music Room: Mrs. Tyoschin

Grade 11: College Counseling: H 302A – 3rd Floor in the Centre: Mrs. Galaty

Grades 6-9: Live Theatre Tomorrow!

Hello Middle School Students,

Tomorrow morning you will get the chance to see the amazing PYP production of “What a Knight!”

Who: Grades 6-9

When: 8:45-10:15am

Where: PAC

Why: To support your PYP peers!

What: Be on your best showtime behavior!

More infö to come in tomorrow’s daily bulletin!

MS/US Awards Assembly Tomorrow!

Hello Middle and Upper School Scholars,

Our Semester One Awards assembly will take place tomorrow morning in the PAC. This event will start at the usual assembly time of 8:00am and may push a little into Block One. Get ready to enjoy our poet laureates, an orchestra performance, ace speeches, and, of course, honoring our award recipients!

See you there!

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