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“Schedule and Supervised”: A One Act Play…

Act One, Scene 1

Setting: Cafeteria or PAC Foyer or Gym or Playing Field or Parking Lot… or anywhere else on campus at a time outside the regular school day.

Mr. Bratton: “You may only be on-campus outside of the school day for SCHEDULED and SUPERVISED activities.”

Student randomly on-campus outside of the school day: “But (insert excuse here).”

Mr. Bratton: “You may only be on-campus outside of the school day for SCHEDULED and SUPERVISED activities.”

The End.


MS/US Athletics Day Take-a-Break Reminder

A reminder that Bob (G10), Fan (G9), Jenny (G8), Sean (G8), Eddy (G8), Henry (G7), Sydney (G7),  Victor (G7), Charlie (G7), and Simon (G6) will have access to a calm “take-a-break space” in LSS during Athletics Day. These 10 students should be allowed to visit LSS at any time on the day. Rick, Kris, Sarah T., Gretchen, Juan, and I will also be on hand to facilitate. Thanks for your assistance.

MS/US Friday Assembly Details

Hello Grade 6-12 Students,

Tomorrow is our Grade 12 Leavers’ Assembly. Some things to consider:

1. Report to Advisory before 8am. Advisors will take attendance in their rooms. Leave your bags there and report to the PAC seated by 8:05am.

2. Seating in the PAC will be changed to accommodate our Graduates and parents/visitors. We will plan to fill in by Grade Level from back of the PAC, meaning the 11’s will be against the top wall and the 6’s will be just behind parents and Seniors. We will need EVERY SEAT filled!

3. This celebration will likely run into Block One. Please be flexible and positive about this, this assembly is a big deal.

Thanks for being caring, reflective, thinkers!

MS/US Assembly Seating Plan

Hello Grade 6-12 Superstars,

Please review the attached “normal” seating plan by Advisory for our Friday assembly.

Here is a limerick to remind you of correct assembly etiquette:

There once was a kid from Xian Lin,

Who did not want to be late again

He set his alarm, which was great…

Was seated in the PAC before eight…

And stayed off his phone, for he knew that was a sin.

See you tomorrow!

Gaming Room and PYPx

Hello Teachers,

Please find the attached rota for the uses of C151 (AKA The Gaming Room) by our PYPx students over the coming weeks. The room will remain accessible to MS students during Break and Lunch. but this is subject to change based on material storage needs.

FYI to all. Please see Jacqui P. with queries and Kasson with complaints 🙂

Gaming Room schedule



2018 Advisory Survey

Hello Grade 6-12 Students and Advisors,

Could you please take 5-7 minutes during Advisory this week to give some feedback on your Advisory experience this school year? Just click the correct link below and complete a brief survey. We’ll be sure to give you the overall data next week! Many thanks for your input!


Student Survey:


Teacher Survey:

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