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Memorial Day Siren

Today is the official Memorial Day of the Nanjing Massacre. An air raid siren can often be heard at 10:01am on this date to commemorate this solemn event. Please be advised.

MAP Reports Going Home Today

Hello Grade 3-10 Students,

Your MAP scores will be given to you by your classroom (G3-5) or Advisory (G6-10) teacher today. They MUST go home with you today. Your parents have been emailed and are expecting an unopened envelope for you to open together. Inside is an explanation of your progress on the test. 

Please remember that while your performance on these assessment is very important to your teachers, in terms of measuring your progress in Math and Reading, they are only one data point. These “snapshots” of your learning are key, but the entire “photo album” of all your achievements over time is a more reliable data set!

Thanks for getting these scores home safely; we’ll give the MAP another go in the Spring! 

MAP Info Going Home Today

Hello All,

A reminder that Fall MAP reports and an explanation letter are going home to Grade 3-10 parents today. The letter (attached here) has information for parents about how to interpret student scores. MAP reports for all Grade 3-10 students is located here as well.

Please see any member of SET with questions. A parent Q&A session is happening next week as well. The central message for parents is that these scores are a snapshot diagnostic, not a rich “photo album” of student progress. 

Many Thanks to Advisors and Grade 3-5 classroom teachers for getting these home with students today!


Faculty Sign-Ups for 3-Way Conferences Open Today

Good Morning All,

Teachers with children in the school will be able to sign-up for our upcoming 3-Way Conferences with your children’s teacher(s) from 9am today to 9am tomorrow today via their Veracross parent portal. This gives you the chance to book in before all parents have access on Friday afternoon and gives our IT team time to block off that slot in your conference schedule.  Please feel free to register from 9am this morning. Please see Kasson with questions.

Many Thanks!

MAP Make-Up Today

If you are a MS/US student that might need to complete MAP testing, please check your email…

If you have one from Mr. Bratton, you’re a winner! If you have an email, please report to C151 (the “game room”) at the end of lunch with a charged laptop to receive your prize!


INSET Feedback Survey: Last Call

Happy Friday!

If you are not one of the 50 people that have given quality feedback to inform our future professional learning, you might think you’ve missed your chance…but, NAY, NAY, NAY!

You can still give feedback until today at 4pm via this link. This tool has been built for your survey-taking enjoyment, because we all know that “work made fun, gets done!”

As the age-old proverb says, “Ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it!”



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