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MAP Testing Today and Monday

Hello Nice 9’s and Terrific 10’s,

Grade 10 will take their Reading MAP tests today in the LGR from 8:40am.

Grade 9’s will come to the LGR after Break today to begin Math MAPs at 11:00am. 9’s, you are on again Monday morning for you Reading tests directly after Advisory.

There will be a make-up/wrap-up session for all Grade 6-10 students on Tuesday at 1:15pm in the LGR. Mr. Bratton will contact you directly on Monday if you are eligible.

Please bring along you charged laptop to all of these sessions.

Our Grade 3-5 students will begin MAP’ing on Monday with 3B.



Spirit Friday Dress

A friendly reminder regarding our updated approach to staff dress on Fridays.

Because we have such a high number of parents and visitors on-campus each Friday and because we typically have House and/or athletic events on these days, the idea is that staff choose to wear NIS tops, work-appropriate jeans, and clean trainers as a way to promote school spirit and a united aesthetic. The other option on Fridays is simply to wear regular Monday-Thursday attire. Our dress expectations from the Personal Handbook are here as a reference point as well. Many thanks!


MAP Testing Today and Tomorrow

Hello Splendid 6’s, Nice 9’s, and Terrific 10’s,

Grade 6 will take their MAP Reading tests today from 8:10am in the LGR. Grade 10 will take their Maths MAP after the Break in the same location.

Grade 9, you begin tomorrow after Break with Maths.

Please remember to bring a charged laptop, get a good night’s rest, and eat a healthy breakfast!

See you then!


MAP Testing Today and Tomorrow

Hello Splendid Grade 6’s, Exceptional 8’s, and Terrific 10’s,

Grade 6 will take their MAP Maths tests today from 8:10am in the LGR. Grade 8 will finish their Fall MAP experience after Break in the same location with the Math MAPs.

Grade 6, you are on tomorrow morning at 8:10am in the LGR for Maths. Grade 10, you are on after Break tomorrow for Maths as well.

Please remember to bring a charged laptop, get a good night’s rest, and eat a healthy breakfast!

See you then!


Grade 7 MAP Today

Hello Grade Seven Superstars,

Your MAP testing begins today. Please report to the MS/US Large Group Room (LGR) directly after Advisory WITH YOUR CHARGED LAPTOP, ready for your MAP Maths assessment at 8:10am.

You’ll return to the LGR on Tuesday morning at the same time for the MAP Reading assessment. Grade 8’s, you’re up tomorrow as well. Check your email for details. Thanks!


MAP Schedule Here (Sept 2019)


Student Voice Slides

Hello Colleagues,

Thanks for your time, attention, and input in yesterday’s sessions. Please find the paired down slides from the student voice portion (sans photos) in this location. Here are our working definitions of learning at NIS for your reference:

At NIS, learning is an on-going process that is personal, social, and leads to the development of new, deeper understandings that can be applied creatively in the world beyond the classroom.  

 With this in mind, we believe individuals learn best when they…
…are appropriately challenged and motivated. 
…have authentic voice and choice in what and how they learn. 
…are authentically engaged in the context of our community and host nation. 
…are encouraged to follow their curiosity and inquire into the world around them. 
…are empowered to take risks and learn from mistakes in a supportive, caring environment. 

Keep it clean!

Hello MS/US Cafeteria Users,

Can you imagine a world without cheesy pretzels? Life without salami sandwiches? A day without a chocolate croissant? This horrific post-apocalyptic nightmare may be closer than you think if you continue to leave messes like this in the cafeteria at Break. Clean up after yourself and help to remind your friends; simple as that. We are watching.

Ps. The cafeteria is always a tech-free space during the school day. Thanks!

Student Access to Campus

Hello NIS Students,

We care about you and want nothing more than your safety and security. With this in mind, there are times you cannot be on campus, places you cannot go on campus, and things you cannot do while on campus. To find out more, click here for our Student Access to Campus document.

We love it when you are here before school, after-school, and on the weekends for scheduled and supervised NIS co-curricular activities. We don’t love it so much when you are here at these times and should not be.

You know who loves you all the time? Your parents! Please visit them at your home instead of gaming in the cafeteria or lurking around the hallways after school. They will appreciate it and so will we. Many thanks.

Evacuation Reminder

A friendly reminder of our planned evacuation drill today at 10:00am and a related heads-up that the Early Years student line up area has been swapped with the staff-without-a-homeroom line up area to accommodate the recent EY relocation. All line up locations have been repainted on the track’s edge for increased visibility and ease of use. Many thanks to the facilities team for their efforts on this. See you there!

All-School Digital Resources

Looking for a field trip-related form, a key learning document like our Language Philosophy or Assessment Practices. more information about the professional growth plan, or how to apply for professional learning opportunities? Look no further than the All-School Resources folder in our digital hub. This is a one-stop-shop for every handbook, procedure, and guidelines NIS has to offer. Take a look today!

PD Committee Opportunity

The esteemed NIS Professional Development Committee is in need of one new member for the 2019/20 school year. Please have a look at our updated PD Handbook for information about the committee’s purpose and function. This group meets at lunch once per cycle to consider applications. Current members are Angel, Angela R., Joe,  Sonya, Steven, and Kasson (as the non-voting Chair) if you’d like to hear more directly from committee members about this commitment.

If you would like to be considered for this role, please email Kasson by the end of business on Monday the 19th. Thanks!

Reminders for Today

Three friendly reminders for today’s festivities…

  1. New Students and their families will be on campus today from 7:45am-10:45am for students and parents. The schedule (with responsibilities) can be found in the respective PS and MS/US Sites. EY students and parents will head straight to the EY Centre (parents will drop off and head to the PAC), while all other students and parents will start in the PAC; and go to classrooms from there. Buses will depart at 10:45am, after an action-packed morning.
  2. We will have our Monday morning briefing a little later than usual, starting from 11:00am in the staff lounge for about 15-20 minutes. All should attend.
  3. Lunch for staff will be provided in the cafe (at your own cost) from 12:00pm today.  The menu is homemade sausage with potato wedges or Teriyaki tofu, along with the usual sandwiches and salad options. Normal lunch resumes in both the cafe and cafeteria tomorrow.

Thanks for your efforts in making this a special day for our new-to-NIS families. Please see Kasson or your friendly Head of Section with any questions. Our amazing NIS Ambassadors will be on-hand to assist.

Substitution Coordinator Contact Information

Good Morning, All.

Take a moment to save this phone number to contact Pat in case of absence: 139 51617072

Please remember to get in touch with Pat as far in advance as possible in cases of pre-planned absence and before 10pm the night before, or between 6 and 7am the day of, an unplanned absence due to illness. Please also remember to forward her detailed substitution plans, if required, in the Primary setting and always in the MS/US, using the substitution plan template.

A final substitution related reminder that Junlah will cover BTTs only when the BT-Teacher is absent due to illness. Please organize cover for your Break Time Teaching yourself if you are absent for any other reason.

Thanks and please see Pat or Kasson with any questions!

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