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MS/US Office Hours Today

In Grades 6-12?

Want to ask a teacher a question?

Need to take/retake an assessment?

Require some clarification on a task?

Just want to stop by and say “thank you” to your teachers for the amazing job they do day in and day out?

Office hours are on today from 3:15pm-4:15pm. Take advantage!

Teacher reschedule, but still need some help? Go to Homework Club in LSS!


XFEST Friday Block Three (11:05am-12:00pm)

Hello All,

Some of our Grade 6 & 7 students will be sharing their processes, outcomes, and reflections from our first XBlock iteration on Friday in the PAC from 11:05am-12:00pm. This will be about 45 mins of informal sharing with a few students choosing to speak and perform. All 6/7 students will be available to chat and will be ready to discuss. This IS NOT a formal exhibition and there will be little pomp and circumstance, just a quick mix and mingle sharing session.

If you are available, feel free to come on down and see what they’ve been up to. Interested classes are also welcome, just let me know if you intend to bring student and I’ll send over some question prompts.


Kasson and the XBlock Team


Grade 6/7 XFest?

Hello Grade 6/7 Students,

Not sure what or when XFest1 is? Not sure what your role will be? Ask you Advisor this morning!


Discover China Trip Meetings Tomorrow!

Hello Grade 6-11 Students,

Tomorrow morning we will have our Discover China pre-trip meetings with you and your parents during Extended Advisory. Please report to your Advisory before 8am for attendance and to drop off your bags, then head directly to the location below based on the trip LISTED IN YOUR VERACROSS. Thanks and see you then!

 G6/7 Yellow Mt D220 Paul Underwood

 G6/7 Taishan Blackbox Theatre Sam Brown

 G6/7 Hangzhou MYP LGR Dan Snyder

G8/9 Beijing D240 Andrew Messom

G8/9 Shaolin D242 Micheal Chesterman

G8/9 Moganshan Upstairs Cafeteria Kasson Bratton

 G10/11Yangshou Blue Gym Andrei Tyoschin

 G10/11Guizhou D246 Chris Galaty

 G10/11Xiamen Design Centre Francis Morin

G12: Please report to the DP Lounge after advisory attendance



MS/US Assembly Tomorrow!

Hello Middle and Upper School Future Adults,

Tomorrow is another stellar assembly starting promptly at 8:00am in the PAC. A few FAQ’s regarding bags:

Q. Can we bring bags into the Theatre?

A. No. It’s a safety hazard and it would be weird.

Q. Can we leave our bags outside of the Theatre in the PAC?

A. No. It’s a safety hazard and it looks like a tornado hit a backpack convention.

Q. Can we stick our bags outside in the Pagoda?

A. No. It’s a safety hazard, sometimes it rains and snows, and there are bugs and occasional bird poop. Gross.

Q. What if we are running late to assembly? Can we leave our bags on the benches then?


Q. Should we make a plan with our Advisor right now to stow our bags in our lockers or in Advisory?

A. Yes!

FCD Visit Next Week

Hello MS/US Wise Decision Makers,

Next week is our annual visit from FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependency). On Monday morning we will have an assembly during Block One (AT 8:15AM) to begin the week. On Monday, PLEASE REPORT TO ADVISORY AS NORMAL. You will then head down to the PAC at 8:10am for an 8:15am start.

For this assembly, PLEASE SIT WITH YOUR ADVISORY as usual. Your teachers have the schedule for your class visits during the week and it is located here as well.

Many Thanks and Happy Friday!

Extended Advisory for Grades 6 and 7

Hello 6th and 7th Grade Rockstars,

For advisory tomorrow, please check in with your Advisors and head DIRECTLY to the following locations with your laptops:

Grade 6: MS/US LGR (Beside Mr. Bratton’s Office)

Grade 7: Upstairs in the Cafeteria

See you tomorrow!

Mr. Bratton and Ms. Bezzerides

Speaker Search 2017

Hello There,

Are you a cute little bluetooth speaker that one lived in D208? Did Joe and Kasson loan you out? Do you need to go back to your home in D208 so that children can add the beauty of surround sound to their epic Grade 7 Humanities learning experiences?

If so, could you please ask the anonymous member of staff that borrowed you to return you to Joe or Kasson ASAP. It’s okay if you are not charged, we’ll handle that. It’s the least we can do.

Hold on little buddy; we will find you…


A big “THANK YOU!” to everyone involved in covering the 30 of us in the Responsive Classroom session yesterday. It was a great day of professional learning and certainly met our goal of giving us the tools to better support our students and creating commonality within our wonderful K-12 learning community. We are fortunate to work in a place where we step us to support one another in this (and many other) ways. Thanks again!

G6-9 Advisories meet in G10-12 Advisories TOMORROW

Hello 6-9 Advisories,

Tomorrow you will join the 10-12 Advisories below while your Advisors dedicate their time to building skills to support our learning community. #Allforthekids

You need to report directly to these rooms TOMORROW morning by 8:00am.

Advisory Combinations
Snyder/Baker to M. Snyder (D215)

6-9 Advisors: Please send your Advisory rosters to your designated 10-12 Advisor.


10-12 Advisors: Please email visitors’ attendance to the nurse on the day. Thanks!

Joyce/Marsh to Kay (Upstairs Cafeteria)
Lee/Underwood Moen (D213)
Merrylees/Law to Galaty (D246)
Dutton/Song to Morin (DC)
Chesterman/Droulez to Coad (D243)
Chen/Yang to Lietz (D206)
Fischl/Orteza to Creme (D346)
Hernandez Newman (D203)
Wang Hornell (D228)


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