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Lost glasses

If anyone has seen a pair of pinkish-red glasses lying around, please let me know. Thanks.

Top secret! G12 advice

I am still collecting messages for the G12s on the theme of ‘Advice for life after NIS.’ Please send me your photo by Friday 30th March if you would like to contribute. Let me know if you would like me to drop by to take the photo. Thanks.

Week of Failing Forwards

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who offered a workshop or participated in the week in any way. The majority of students loved the opportunity to try something new and were willing to throw themselves at it. Workshop leaders, too, enjoyed themselves. The material for sharing with your class will remain available; continue to develop the self-talk and support-talk in advisory and in class. Continue also to encourage risk-taking, an ease with making mistakes and reflection on the lessons learned-the 3 Rs!

If you have anything to share from your workshop-a product, photos, a performance-display boards will be available in the foyer from Monday and a stage on Friday.

Thanks again for your flexibility and support.

Resilience Thursday Workshops

Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulty, to keep going when things get tough. Today you will continue with the workshop you have chosen, however hard it was. Think about your self-talk-what can you say to yourself in the face of difficulty? And your support-talk-what can you say to help others? Enjoy the challenge today!

You had a go!

Yesterday was Have-a-go Monday, and, mostly, you did! You will continue with your chosen workshop on Thursday. It is not possible to change workshops at this stage. A wrong choice is your opportunity to fail forwards!

Today is Acceptance Tuesday-it’s OK to feel like you do when you fail at something. Don’t let those feelings stop you.

We had a go!

Huge thanks to workshop leaders for a successful Have-a-go Monday. Apart from a couple of publishing errors, and a few students changing their workshops, the activities were very well-received.

Today is Acceptance Tuesday, accepting the feelings that come with failure-take a look at the materials on the OneNote.

Continue to develop the Self-talk and Support-talk at every opportunity.

Workshop sign-ups

Grades 2 to 10, don’t forget to sign up on Veracross for a workshop. They are filling up fast. Remember to choose something you have never tried before. Have a go!

‘Week of Failing Forwards’ Workshops

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.” -Einstein

The ‘Failing Forwards’ workshops, for all Grade 2 to 10 students, take place on Monday and Thursday next week from 10:40-11:45. We hope they will be a fun and character-building opportunity for you to try something you have never tried before, alongside people you don’t usually work with.

You can browse the workshops on Veracross from 10 am today (Monday). Sign-ups will open up at 1pm on Wednesday 17th. Sign-ups close at 3pm on Friday 19th; those not signing up by then will be assigned workshops for the two blocks, as available.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone; you may be surprised what you can do.

Week of Failing Forwards

We are excited to announce an opportunity for teachers to lead workshops, with a mixed age range, during our first ‘Week of Failing Forwards.’ This is part of our present project, Creating a Culture of Trial and Error.

The aim of the week is for students (and teachers):
· to take risks and develop a have-a-go attitude
· to learn from failure
· to build emotional resilience
· to develop coping mechanisms in the face of failure
· to learn how to support others who are experiencing failure
· to reduce stress and improve mental health

The workshops will take place on Monday 22nd January (Day 7) from 10:40-11:45 and on Thursday 25th January (Day 1) from 10:40-11:45.

Grades 2 to 10 will sign up for a workshop to learn something they have never tried before. Teachers who are not leading workshops will participate in one of their choice.

If you have a hidden, or not so hidden, skill and would be willing to teach others, please send us an email THIS WEEK. Think music, art, athletics, poetry, juggling, drama, singing, maths, pottery, a language, uni-cycling…anything you could teach to others in 2 one-hour workshops. If you know of students who have skills to share, send us their names too.

The counselors and organising team will support advisors, homeroom teachers and class teachers with material for discussion before and during the week. The counselors will also present to parents during the Three Way Conferences on the Wednesday of that week. Furthermore, we are collecting personal stories of failure and the lessons learned, for sharing with students, so do consider sharing yours with us-email Jacqui Patrick.

All gone!

VERY MANY THANKS to everyone who bought a Giving Tree tag this year-the 321 tags have been sold in record time! The gifts will be packed up and sent off to our sponsored students in December. Remember to return your tags to Kath Adams in C146 by December 8th.

Pfrang Day Thanks

An enormous thank you to everyone involved in making Pfrang Day a great success on Saturday-volunteers, performers, facilities, Chartwells, attendees and anyone else I’ve forgotten. A heartfelt “thank you” on behalf of the children whose lives you have helped to change.

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