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Think, Speak, Act Video Review

Please find below the links to the videos filmed, edited and presented by Kevin Chang (Gr 12) for ACAMIS Think, Speak, Act 2016.

Day 1

Day 2

They’re also playing on a loop around the school on the screens.

Are you the school’s next Poet Laureate?



Do you have an interest in writing poetry, or already write your own?

Are you interested in the opportunity to develop your skills in poetry writing, and unleash your creative beast?

Then, come along to the Poet Laureate ASA tomorrow (Thursdsay) afternoon to find out more!

  • Where? D341
  • When: 3:15pm

We celebrate the diversity of poets and poetry across the MYP and DP. Laureates will be drawn from, and presented in, the four Language A subjects: Mandarin, Korean, German and English.

Any question?  Please speak with your Language A teacher.

Looking forward to seeing you at Thursday’s meeting.



Grade 9 LifeSkills 101: Responsibilities

Hi Grade 9,

Tomorrow’s Life Skills 101 lessons will take place in the following classrooms. You will attend the lesson in in your Humanities groups:

Ms Creme’s class –> Mr Messom (C151)

Mrs Clarke’s class –> Ms Ham (D341)

Ms Johnson’s class –> Mr Newman (D203)



Book Week Literary Bells: Your last chance!

Final call for Literary Bells! Get your clip up there!


Add it to to the large storage folder by tomorrow, Wednesday 11th November.


Important notes:

* No longer than 15 seconds

* Audio must be crisp and clear

* No metronome

NIS Speech and Debate Extravaganza: Think, Speak, Act

* Do you love arguing your point of view?

* Are you an actor?

* Can you talk your way out of anything?

If your answer is yes to any (or all) of the above, Speech and Debate needs you!

NIS is hosting an ACAMIS weekend dedicated to all things Speech and Debate, alongside our MUN pals on February 27th and 28th.

Come to an info session in Ms Ham’s classroom (D341) this Wednesday (October 7th) at the beginning of lunch to find out more!

Think, Speak, Act

Are you a leader? Do you like being at the helm?

If yes, join the organising team of Think, Speak, Act – an ACAMIS MUN and Speech and Debate extravaganza here at NIS!

Bonus points: It can be a CAS core project, or contribute towards C&S.

Interested? Speak with either Ms Ham or Mr Cofer for further details.

Youre awesome


Poet Laureate Launch

A reminder that the Inaugural Poet Laureate meeting will be held today at lunchtime in D341.

Bring your lunch, creative ideas and, if you have them, examples of the poetry you’ve written in the past.

See you there!

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