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supporting materials for Accreditation

Dear all,

These materials may be useful for your preparation for the Accreditation:

Strategic Policy on school website

Mission and Strategy on school website

Articles of Association on school website

School Procedural Info on the server at: afp://

Personal Handbook on the serve at: afp:// Handbooks/Personnel Handbook 2016-17.pdf


Friday Dress Down Survey

Dear all,

Sorry that the survey link posted earlier this work didn’t work and here is the updated survey.

Please take a few minutes and do it again. Thanks!


Global Recruitment Collaborative

Dear all,

Pls find the info on GRC from Arden below.



The Global Recruitment Collaborative (GRC) is a Collaborative of international schools working together to recruit the best educators for their school – Recruitment Simplified, and FREE.  Never before have International Schools and Teaching Candidates come together (at this scale), without fees or vendors, for a fair. Never. The GRC fair November 12-14 will be the first! This is the beginning of what is hoped could be a new way for international schools to recruit. This year the GRC has 90 collaborating schools with 40 schools recruiting at the Face-to-Face-Fair in Dubai and a candidate database of 400 candidates. 

 The GRC would like to have as many teachers (or more) as there are vacancies (which means 200+). This is where you come in.  Since the GRC is a not-for-profit, free-for-all-participants, service for-schools-by-school-for teachers-by-teachers, the International Educational Community is needed to help market and brand the fair.  A stronger pool of candidates means a deeper and stronger cohort of participating schools—and vice versa!  The day will come when you will be looking for a fair…hopefully, when that day comes, the GRC is the world’s most important fair—the gateway to your next dream job. 

If this is of interest to you, here are some ways you may choose support this initiative:

Join on twitter (@GrcFair) and retweet informational tweets,

Post info about on your Facebook  (see:

 Nudge any colleagues (who are looking for new jobs for next year) to visit our site ( and consider attending our fair.


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