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Staff Representative

Dear all,

Pls refer to a message below from Rick.



Hi Folks,


Tye and Dean have expressed an interest in becoming Staff Representative. If you would like to put your name forward please let me know by today at 4pm. I’ll organize a simple ballot on Friday. Please let me know if you have any questions.





Reminder TGIF

Dear all,

Laurie and Jenny will host the TGIF this Friday Aug 18  in their new house.

Chartwells needs an estimated number of the guests and I assume most of us will go, so if you are NOT coming, pls drop me a line.

Below pls find the address.

Enjoy Monday.



Dear all,

The TGIF next Friday Aug 18 will be in Laurie & Jenny’s new house!

Address: Room 102, Building 105, Evian Valley, Huitonglu 8, Xianlin


Time: From 5pm

Enjoy ~~~


Calendar 2017/18

Dear all,

Pls find the 2017/18 calendars in your pigeon holes.

If you received already, pls return to my pigeon hole, because one calendar keeps you cool in hot Nanjing.

Enjoy the new school year!


supporting materials for Accreditation

Dear all,

These materials may be useful for your preparation for the Accreditation:

Strategic Policy on school website

Mission and Strategy on school website

Articles of Association on school website

School Procedural Info on the server at: afp://

Personal Handbook on the serve at: afp:// Handbooks/Personnel Handbook 2016-17.pdf

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