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Climate Change Survey

Dear teachers and students,

The Grade 12 Environmental Systems and Societies students are conducting a 10-minute face-to-face survey with selected students and teachers. We thank you in advance for taking the time to be interviewed. The interviewers will make sure data collected remains anonymous. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mr Mello (

Thank you!

More classroom goodies for you!

Stop by D204 if you’re looking for these (and please consider checking later in the year prior to ordering stationary). These were unearthed in good condition (or new) from dark corners of D204 and have been unopened since the Ming Dynasty. Vintage!

Tape and tape dispensers;
Staples and thumb tacks for you, your department, and the members of your department who aren’t even born yet;
4 kwai;
Plastic folders, paper trays, folder holders?
Brand-new pencils;
Red white-board markers;
A cooker cover stand (no joke);
Stickers and labels;

Classroom stuff

In the spirit of re-thinking learning spaces, I am looking for a new home for some of the least used items in my classroom. You might find some of these useful: book shelves, metal file cabinet, folders, paper trays. Stop by D204 if you want to take a look.

I am also looking for a couple of whiteboards if you have a spare.

D204 /

PYP/MYP/DP rockstar teachers wanted

The IB Asia Pacific region has created a new IB Educator’s Network portal where you can indicate your interest in becoming a workshop leader and school service providers (for schools seeking authorisation or re-authorisation). The IB will cover expenses of your training and, if selected, add you to a pool of educators for future workshops, consultations and authorisarion/re-authorisation visits. There are also reading roles that do not require travel. I find it great professional development and networking, so thought I’d spread the word. If you want to know more, feel free to stop by for a chat or email (D204 /

Grade 12 ESS “goes to” South Africa this Friday

Thanks to Skype in the Classroom, our grade 12 ESS students will meet Princess, one of the penguins rescued by the South African Foundation for the Conservancy of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB). We will also chat with a marine biologist involved in the conservation efforts in Cape Town and the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean as part of our study of pollution management. If you’d like to stop by and listen in, feel free to stop by. Our Skype call begins 2:15pm (room D204). If you’d like more info on virtual field trips like this for any grade level, feel free to contact me (, room D204).

DP Biology/ESS Field Trip Oct 27-28

DP Teachers,

The ESS/Biology field trip has been rescheduled and will now take place on October 27th and 28th.

The following students will be absent on those days:

Erika F
Jung Min, C
Kyana G
Jaren J
Won Hee L
Elissa M
Noor O
Jannik S
Maristella W
Diana A
Brydie D
Elena K
Jisoo K
Tara M
Anna (Emma) S
Kirsty C
Jia Shu (Michelle) L
Solange M
William W

Thank you for your support.


Game Mechanics in your Classroom


As I mentioned at the briefing yesterday, I’m beginning to explore the use of game mechanics in a classroom setting. This is not the same thing as playing (video) games in class. Rather, it’s similar to transforming the classroom culture into a role-playing game. If you’re curious, here’s a video of Classcraft: the platform that makes this concept easier to implement.

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